Friday, August 1, 2014

:: hello august ::


hello backyard buddies.
hello catching fireflies.

hello wishing we could stay up later.

hello meal planning.
hello no more excuses.

hello PiYo.

hello back to school supplies.
hello back to school (what????)

hello paper issues design team.
hello happy dance.

hello making pretty things.

In case you missed the announcement, I have been asked to be on the Design Team over at Paper Issues!!!  Awesome!!  So exciting!  I'll share a discount code with you all soon!  Woot!

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

..:: project life : week 13 ::..

Week 13 left
The colors in this whole spread were inspired by the polkadot 3x4 card that you see above.  I got this in a SwagBag from Paper Issues and loved it immediately!  I looked through my PL cards to find others that could carry the colors throughout the two page spread and inserts.  This week TWO inserts were required -- including some mud-inspired artwork by B.  I love this project!

Week 13 spread with insert #1
The first insert houses 5 photos and a journaling spot (see where it says, "Yes" that's the insert).  This was all about going to my folks house and decorating an egg tree with Grandma!
Week 13  spread with insert #2 (and back of insert 1)
Above you can see the other 3 photos for insert 1, and the mud masterpiece that my daughter did during "worm day" at preschool.  I love including this stuff!
Week 13 (back of insert)
I enlarged a photo from "worm day" and added it on the back of the mud art work.

Week 13 right
My bank card was hacked on April Fool's day!  NO FOOLIN'! Ugh.  But it was documented.
Week 13 Panoramic Play
See where it says "lift"?  My Soul Mate was playing around with the panoramic feature on our iPhones and I had to include it in this week's spread.  Fun!

Also, I had some scrapping time with my sister-in-law this week!  Awesome!  Love it when that happens!

Thanks for stopping by, come back soon!

Monday, July 28, 2014

..:: project life : week 12 ::..

Still plugging away! I do love this project.  This week was part of my Spring Break week.  There is an insert: there were lots of stories!

Week 12 spread with insert
This week:

  • My One True Love and I got to spend some alone time together being goofy eating out and drinking adult beverages during the day!
  • We also bought some goofy "presents" for B., including the Frozen movie (came out on BluRay this week).
  • We became obsessed with Breaking Bad.
  • It was warm enough to go on our first park visit!
Week 12 right
Week 12 spread with back of insert
Also this week:
  • We visited Urgent Care for a cut on B.'s finger (all was fine)!
  • The iPad that we took to Urgent Care didn't return home with us (stolen!)

Week 12 right

And finally this week:

  • It was March Madness week (I don't really dig basketball, but we went to a bar to watch it anyway).
  • Batman (girl) made an appearance. 
  • When we returned to school, there was a dusting of snow.
  • It was also Iowa Assessments for students (blah).
  • Early in the week light jackets and parks, later in the week heavy coats and snow!
Wow!  Full week!  Documented!  Love this project!

Also, I love Scrapbook Circle (but I bet you knew that)!  The great Melissa Mann lifted me -- awesome sauce -- check it out here!

Thanks for stopping by!