Sunday, January 5, 2014

:: project life title page 2014 ::

And we are off -- 2014, and a new beginning for Project Life has begun!
I almost didn't make it (and you could say that I didn't).  My goal is publish a Project Life update here each Sunday.  It's still Sunday.  So I made it, right?  However, this isn't exactly complete.  In fact, it looked a lot like this two weeks ago!  I know I want a family photo on the bottom right card. I think I might put our names and ages on the bottom left card, and I may mess with that 2014 card a bit more.

A little stitching with an Amy Tangerine template (US) and there is a card or two from her Cut & Paste PL collection I think.  Most of the supplies are from past Studio Calico Project Life Kits. The "Find Joy In The Journey" card is actually a business card that I got with an Origami Owl jewelry purchase -- but I thought it fit PL perfectly (even the color was great)! One of my most favorite things is putting the "stuff" from our life in our book.

The 2014 card is my favorite, but I'm not sure it's finished yet either.  It's a watercolor card that was in the last SC PL kit (Life-Love-Paper, I think).  I don't really have watercolors (other than my daughter's), so I used gelatos and a water pen.  It's super easy to paint with gelatos (have I mentioned how much I love them?)! All you need is a little chunk (really small amount) and a little water. I didn't have the right color of green/blue so I made it! I grabbed a couple of blue gelatos and a green.  I shaved a bit of each of them, added some water, and mixed.  I just kept adding a little of whatever color I think I needed until I got what I wanted. It was fun.  I will paint with gelatos again. To finish this card off, I might use some small stamps in some of the little squares.  Not sure (The 2014 numbers are from Amy Tangerine's Cut & Paste Collection, I believe).

In this post I showed a bit of what I'm thinking for organization, but I'm still working on a few other things.  I promise to post photos as I get closer to what I really want for organization! I am currently in the middle (but closer to the end) of my first week of PL 2014. My week started on Wednesday, and I will be going Wed-Tues for the rest of the year (unless something doesn't end up working for me), with sharing on Sundays!  So…….that means, I will be back next Sunday to share my first week!  So exciting. I love new!

Hope to share more about a few new additions to our family (no new humans) soon!


  1. I love the "Can't do this" card - that's awesome!!! Love your creativity!

  2. This is awesome! I love how colorful it is. And the story of us card too! Where is that one from?

    1. Michelle, I'm pretty certain it came from a Studio Calico Kit, maybe this one?

  3. LOVE your style! very cool! xo Charm

  4. This is awesome! I am LOVING that stitching!!!!

  5. Living these PL ideas. I sooooo wasn't too try an album like that.

  6. This is great! I think my favorite part is the Everyday Awesomeness card, but it's all terrific!