Friday, April 18, 2014

:: project life : just start :: (part two)

Did yesterday's post push you?  Are you ready to start?  Here are a few hints/pieces of advice as you start your adventure (in no particular order).

  1. Start where you are and move forward.  Don't worry about starting on January 1st, or any 'first of the month', or even on a Sunday or Monday.  Just start.
  2. Learn from others, but don't compare. In the beginning, and even now, I continue to be inspired by, and learn from, other PLers.  But I learned early on to accept my weekly spreads for what they are : our documented life. Am I always completely happy with the look of them or my handwriting, or how many photos I took that week?  Nope, totally not. But I am always thankful and happy that I got the week documented.
  3. Don't stress about staying "caught up".  I promise, if you tackle PL, you will get more stories documented then you have ever before.
  4. Make Project Life yours. No matter what, it really can be whatever you want/need it to be. Weekly spreads? Monthly? Doesn't matter, whatever you want.  Start you week on a Sunday? Saturday? Monday? Doesn't matter, whatever you want. Add inserts? Sure, but only if you want to! 12x12? 8.5x11? 6x8? Any of them, all of them, it doesn't matter -- Project Life can be should be whatever you want it to be.
  5. Take lots of photos.  I use my iPhone a lot, because it is always with me.  But I also use my DSLR (because it's awesome). If you forget to take photos, then what? Combine some weeks, use images from the internet (copyright free images, of course), have your kids (if you have them) draw you some pictures, grab some from your hubbies phone, and don't forget your kids images from their cameras or phones, etc. 
  6. Get Inspired! Inspiration is out there! It's all over the place!  Blogs, Pinterest, Facebook, online galleries, kit clubs, You Tube, and even the google.  :-) Don't forget about #2, though!  Everyday, I am inspired by others in scrapbooking, art journaling, and project lif-ing. I watch videos, read blogs and scan Pinterest and Facebook for little ideas here and there. Caution: the internet can quickly become a black hole…you fall in…and there's no getting out.  It's a great procrastinator. Don't forget the part about just starting.  :-)
  7. Take a class. Yep, there are classes out there. I have taken a few online classes related to PL. Day by Day is offered by Studio Calico, and Big Picture Classes has a class called Project Life Lessons. I'm sure there are others! I am actually taking the BPC again as an alumni (it started yesterday, but it's not to late to register and begin).  Classes are a great way to get started, but they are also another way to connect with others that share this interest. It is not too late to sign up if you are interested! Click here for more information about how to register for this awesome class!  Megan Anderson, Annette Haring, and Elise Blaha Cripe take you through their PL  process (all very different). It is awesome, especially for newbies.  Registration closes April 23rd!  And last but certainly not least! Another awesome opportunity is True Scrap Pocket Pages! TSPP includes six different classes all related to pocket page scrapping.  They are all video classes, and you can take one or more of them for $9 each, or a special discount for all six! I love that you can pick and choose which ones fit your needs (if you can really pick and choose, they are all great)! Click here to view more details .The special sale goes on through April 30th -- but don't hesitate -- these are awesome
  8. Build a support system. This might sound silly, but it's really great to have a PL support system.  My support is related to the classes mentioned above, Facebook groups, and Instagram!  I have many virtual and IRL friends that I share with and get inspired from through these forums. I am a pretty social person, and so this really helps me keep going. But most of all, I love that my One True Love is on board.  He often hands me something and says, "You probably want to put that in your book, right?" or even, "You should put that in your book."  I love him so!
  9. Examine your why.  This is probably one of the most important tips (at least from my point of view). What is your reason for doing PL?  What is your purpose? There is no right or wrong answer, there is only your answer.  Since this post is already getting too long, I will share my why with you in an upcoming post!  

Thank you for stopping by! Come back tomorrow and I'll have a traditional layout to share!


  1. Awesome job... Love your point by point "chat"-- I felt like we were talking over coffee!! I am sharing these with my DD, Kate-- she and I are planning to tackle doing some fun pocket page srappin' together. I loved the PP classes than Lain produced so much! :) TY again, ~Ali

  2. So pleased I found you via the PL FB group. So many of your comments I can relate to. Am a newbie myself, basically documenting a lifetime of photographs, so not following the weekly spread. LOL... went to bed at 3am this morning... once I get onto the internet and start browsing for ideas, time just flies by. Then I got so inspired I just had to do a layout. Please visit my blog and join as a follower so that we can keep in touch. Thanks for the inspiration. Am looking forward to your next post. Warm wishes, Sharon, South Africa