Monday, July 14, 2014

44 by forty-four

In April I shared this post with you. Since that post I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff!

But I'm still overwhelmed with how much I have left to tackle!  YIKES!  This is the longest I've lived in one house (11 years this fall) and I think maybe that's part of it (I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder, I'm not a hoarder, except maybe pretty papers).

So far:
  • socks (see my last post) = 2 bags
  • a few items from the storage closet either thrown or given away = 2 bags
  • Bea's closet is now free of all items (that were hanging) that are too small (given away or sold) = 4 bags
  • de-stashing my studio (and organizing my embellishments  & alphas by color!) = 4 bags
  • the stuff hanging in my closet is free of things that I won't wear AND in proper RoyG. BIV order! = 5 bags

Total =  17 bags (nearly 40% there!)

The good/bad news is that I still have plenty of places to get the rest of that 60%, and meet my goal of 44 bags by the time I turn forty-four in October!  The storage closet is horrific, and my bedroom needs some work (to name a couple places).  With just a few weeks of summer left -- I need to get busy!  :-)

I will be sharing a bunch of Project Life posts over the next few days!  Please come back and check it out!

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