Monday, December 1, 2014

✮☆★ 2014 December Documented ★ ☆ ✮

Hello! Are you ready to begin that crazy month of December??? Or maybe your crazy started last week?! Either way, I'm glad you are here!

Once again I am going to attempt to start and finish (and share) my version of "December Daily". I've purchased various (expensive) kits over the years, but this year I've decided that I am using items from two main sources:

1. Gossamer Blue's Get Happy collection
2. The Merry Memories Limited Edition SWAG bag 

(both linked above and available in the Paper Issues store -- and 20% off with the discount code 'orangegearle')

My goal is to live, enjoy, and document the season. My hope is to be able to share my progress over the course of the month here on the blog. In that order. But that doesn't mean I won't be sharing things. I have a bunch of DT assignments this month (YAY!) so I will be sharing those here for sure.  If I have time to take photos and share my DD I will also do that!

{my process} Some people totally prep their DD.  I cannot.  I have no idea why.  It sure seems like there would be significant advantages to doing so. But alas, I don't really work that way. This year, though, I have been able to make a few more things in advance and I definitely have a flexible plan. I'm using a Handbook from Studio Calico -- 6x8 -- with a bunch of different page protectors!  Some I've "made" and some I'm using as-is. I also made a Photoshop 6x8 template for those days where I have a ton of photos that can be easily put into a photo collage. Here are a couple of my "prep" pages! I apologize in advance for the less-than-stellar photos.  I had to take them at night!  Also they are on a dark table, and I'm using a bunch of see-though elements, so you will see the table! ;-)  Finally, as I finish each page, I will likely stitch many of these pockets closed so that the fun little items won't fall out!

 title page (front)
For my title page I decided that I really wanted to use see through elements.  Most of the items on both the front and the back of my title page are from the two sources linked above.  I am also throwing in a few items here and there from the Gossamer Blue Gramercy Road and On My Desk collections (both of which I keep going back to the shop and ordering more of)! A couple of trends that you may notice as I share today: sparkle, color, see-through elements, wood veneer.

title page (back)
The above page protector is one that I altered.  Originally it was a 12x12 that had four, 4x6 pockets (two at the top and two at the bottom) and twelve, 2x2 pockets in the middle. I cut the top left corner (a 4x6 and 1/2 of the 2x2s).  This gives me a rough 6x8 page.  As you can see there are extra holes punched.  They didn't quite line up, so I used one of the page protectors meant to go in the album as a guide to punch holes in the right places (I used my crop a dile).  The original page protectors came with the Just Add Color PL kit.

day one 1/2 page (front)
As part of my "plan" I would like to add (usually) smaller inserts to signify a new day.  To do this, I had to alter some page protectors! The above was originally a Project Life 12x12 page protector that had nine 4x4 pockets.  I just cut it up, fixed the holes and ended up with a 4x8! The back of the "believe" card will contain journaling about Day 1 (I think).

day two 1/2 page (front)
Another altered page protector for Day 2 (I'm noticing a theme here).  I used the same process as my title page, except I cut this one to 4x8 instead of 6x8.  I added washi for fun, and to strengthen where I needed to punch new holes (because I messed up the first time)!

day two 1/2 page (backside)

Day 2 will likely be my tree day, so I added a bunch of tree things.  :-)  Two stars for "2", and some fun confetti that I punched out of Doodlebug vellum and added some sequins for good measure. The tree at the top is a wood veneer piece that came in the Get Happy collection.  I embossed one side with red embossing powder and the other side with gold. That little wood veneer frame is something that I found at Michael's (spoiler alert, you will see more of those).

So, I think you get the idea of the "fun" pages at least.  Most of my photos and journaling will go in more standard page protectors (the ones that came with the Handbook)!

More fun things coming to the blog soon -- check in Tuesday for some news!

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  1. Love what I am seeing! Still LOVE that wooden star tree!!