Wednesday, September 23, 2015

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With school and work starting back up, and lots of fall birthday celebrations, many, many lists have been inserted into my Get To Work Book lately and I thought I'd share! We are sharing our lists on the Paper Issues Blog today!

Once again I have to say I love the simplicity and neutral look of the Get to Work Book. It's a blank palette for me to work with each week!  As usual, I pulled out the watercolors for my three blocks along the side and the days of the week across the top.  This has been my go to, and I am still loving it.

This is how I do lists in my planner. I use the three blocks along the left side as my three major categories.  In those boxes I put the "general" stuff I want to get done for the week; each block a different category of my life: home, work, and play. Then, throughout the week, I insert lists of tasks to complete -- these are much smaller, day to day tasks that lead up to finishing the stuff on the far left. For example, in my work block, I have "facilitation". I facilitate many meetings and work sessions throughout the week and there are several steps to make that happen.  So on the week days I add in the smaller steps to make facilitation happen. This helps me break things in to smaller pieces (less overwhelming) and it gives me lots of stuff to check off (which just feels good)!

I try to leave some extra spots to add in to do items as the week progresses -- stuff that I didn't anticipate or sometimes things that are added to the plate. I use a stamp for those little checkboxes, so I stick a few extras in there just in case I'm without my stamp when I'm adding to the list (sometimes I just make a box with my pen, too)!

This week I also added in some stamped leaves and fall sayings (Ali Edwards), just for fun.  And that card?  Don't you love that card?  It's from Paper Issues (order something and you will get one in your package)! In my spread this week, that little fox flips up and there's more "to do" underneath. Something important I should mention: Are you ready to Scrap and Chat with us this Friday in the Paper Issues {Friends & Fans} group?  It's quite the party, and there are prizes!

Pretty much all of the pretty papers and embellishments on my spread this week are from the absolutely beautiful Cedar Lane collection by Pink Paislee. It is a grande collection! Grab some in the Paper Issues store -- and don't forget to use the code orangegearle for 20% off your total purchase!

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