Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~ summertime with a mini ~

School's out (yay!), but I'm not (boo)!  When I moved from classroom teacher to title one reading teacher, to literacy coach I made a gradual shift to more leadership duties.  As literacy coach I have an extended contract (only a few days) and end up working most of June (and did I mention that I am also taking graduate classes this summer?).  However, it's some of my favorite work and it's much more flexible time-wise, for that I am grateful! This means I also have a bit of time to think about projects and even a little time to do them!  Right now I have several things going at once, but I'll stick with one for now.  I hope to be able to share more often now that summer is here!  And with July just around the corner, I am optimistic about getting more crafty funness into my life!

Since Mikaela's accident we haven't gone to the park as often.  I'm not really sure why, it's not like we took her with us all the time or something that would make it more difficult.  I suppose some of it is related to going with her that last time, but I'm not sure. I also think that much of it is because we have a beautiful oasis in our own back yard!!
The rush of park visits early in the season, however,  have been enough to keep me busy with my park mini book!  I think I've found a pattern to this mini book that I like! With the exception of the first page or two I think my mini will have mostly the same format: a full 6x6 photo and four photos in a grid pattern for each event (Apparently, I'm into grids lately -- see this post).  Sometimes I will throw in a bonus (smaller) insert between them, and I hope to do a full 12x6 spread now and again.  Here is my first progress report on this project, it's hard to believe that I haven't worked on this since April 21st!

It's getting a bit thicker and stuff is sticking out!  I love it when stuff sticks out!
Minibook progress

And here are the new pages (with products linked below):

Park MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBookUntitled
This straight, to zig zag, to straight stitch, made it to my non-manifesto!Park MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBook
For the above page, I journaled right in the patterned paper.
Park MiniBook

Thanks for stopping by!
..::non-manifesto progress::..
stamped on washi :: zig zag stitch in the middle of straight stitch ::

Products used:
(most of the Washi is Recollections from Michaels, but I couldn't find it online to link it up, and the pink "climber" letters are from eksuccess/sticko found at Target, but not found to link either)  UPDATE:  for some reason the inLinkz  links aren't working!  Elise's stamp is here.  October afternoon is here. Ormolu custom flair is here.


  1. Loving the work on your mini!! The journaling on the patterned paper is so fun!! And I love the large square photos!! :)

  2. I loveeeeeeeeeee your mini!! It's gorgeous!! CUTE photos!!

  3. What a sweet way to capture the childhood joy of going to the park.