Thursday, May 16, 2013

:: plant shopping ::

Yesterday we went to the store to purchase the last of the flowers for the year (I say that, but, of course, since I am not the flower purchaser, planter, or care taker, I could be totally wrong that it's the last batch, but I think he's getting close).  Every year My One True Love transforms our back yard, deck and patio into a beautiful oasis that helps us escape, enjoy and entertain. Each year B. becomes more and more involved in the process.
The first thing she saw that she really, really  wanted was watermelons (and pumpkins, but watermelons were the fave). We don't really have the space for that, so they were eventually put back, but look at that face??!!  The Grandma's saw these photos on Facebook and decided that either one of the may have the space for watermelons.  :-)  I'll keep you updated.
Early on in the process she saw that they had wagons.  This was a hit.  She was totally in charge of the wagon. 
this wagon photo is probably my favorite one of the day
At three, she is such a little sponge and mimic. As she would pick out plants, Daddy would check the tags. At one point, early on in the adventure, he looked at a tag and said something about this plant not doing well in the full sun. So, that lead to her checking the tags and saying, "Those won't work in the sun." very confidently and convincingly, as if she had really read that. Or, if she really wanted to know, she would just pull it out and ask us (and yes, @3 she asks lots of questions)!
Another phrase we heard frequently, "These are kinda cute." She was saying that exact phrase as she was looking the plants in the photo above. This phrase would typically be heard right before she would try to pick up the entire tray of plants that were "cute" (or pretty, or pink, usually all three). Apparently, we haven't learned that "less is more". 

The conversation that prompted me to take the above photo went like this:
B: "Hey Dad, we need more. See, there're spaces!"
Daddy: "Honey, we don't have to fill up the wagon."

So love her.
Shopping for plants with the family is magic for sure.

Call me crazy, but you just might see these photos again really soon on a layout. ;-) 

Here's a short video clip that I captured. Just prior to this video, Daddy taught her how to smell the leaves of a mint plant. So of course, she had to smell the leaves of all the plants...
Join me tomorrow for another Scrap Your Story Challenge reveal!


  1. Sooooooo fun! LOVING the photos!!!!

  2. Ooohh soo cute, you will have to share pic of the finished garden.