Saturday, May 4, 2013

:: strawberries ::

I'm having a great time participating in LOAD 513. I really don't plan on posting each layout that I do -- I just don't have that kind of time -- but I'm awake, so I might as well.  :-)
I took this photo -- and then I stamped the date on!  You can see that below
If you recall, our theme for the month is "Get a Clue" (from the Clue game). So each day our prompt has something to do with the game. Day two's prompt was "the knife".  So we were to "take a stab at" something, and/or interpret as we wish.  :-)  I used machine stitching, some distressing, and then in the close-ups you will see that I pierced the paper in three locations, 2 brads, and then a stick pin.  I thought the stick pin met the prompt!

These photos were from nearly two years ago -- she was so little!  Her hair was so much shorter!  Wow!

No time for listing supplies this time! Please just ask in the comments if you want to know where something came from! Thanks!


  1. Love love love this! Great colors and loveeeeeeeee the cute photos!!

  2. I LOOOOVE how you stitched on the title. AWESOME :)

  3. oh my goomie, what a PEANUT! and what a great moment captured! i'll take berries over dinner just about anyday, espesh if they look THAT tasty! thanks for sharing at Paper Issues, Orange! :) love, Orange