Friday, April 10, 2015

wally the wabbit

Good morning, meet Wally.  Wally the Wabbit. Today he is eight weeks old, and he has been ours for a week.  We love him.

B. and I drove about an hour north to pick him up.  We purchased him from a young high school FFA/4H-er that raises, breeds, and shows rabbits. There were five kits to choose from. I think we made a great choice!  B. petted him all the way home.

And as soon as we got home, they were literally nose to nose. We did have a difficult time choosing a name, though.

I wanted to name him Groucho, Groucho Marx.  I mean, right?  You see it, right????!!! From the beginning, B. was having NONE of that!  I think she was having a difficult time getting past the whole "Grouch" part of Groucho. B. wanted to name him "Stripy" because he (sort of) has a stripe on his back, but I quickly vetoed that one.

B. decided to make a list of acceptable (to her) names:

Wally was one of her early ideas, and it made the list.  Then we had to vote. Well, first we all had to close our eyes (because that's what you do when you vote), then we voted. Two votes for Wally and one vote for Stripy. 

So Wally it is.

Hoppy Happy Friday!

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