Wednesday, July 22, 2015

:: the get to work book ::

Today I am sharing one of my new favorite things: the Get To Work Book designed by Elise Blaha Cripe. I haven't shared much in the way of a planner on this blog.  I'm just getting started.  I'm just beginning to experiment.  I love it. I've caught the bug.  I've tried a couple planners, and this is my current favorite.  It's beautifully simple and leaves a perfect backdrop for anything I want to add. Love. Simple. Neutral. Useful. Beautiful.  In the photo below, do you see that strip of floral patterned paper?  For the August Monthly spread, I took all of my inspiration from that little strip.  (Webster's Pages: Hall Pass)

I've had the Get To Work Book for about a month. This planner (sold out, boo!) goes from July 2015-June 2016.  The good news: There will be preorders for a 2016 planner coming soon.  It sounds like she is taking in all of the feedback she has received and making a few minor changes -- but I think the basic planner, with it's perfect-ness, will stay mostly the same.  More good news.  

My June pages were, OK.  I'm started to get in the groove and ready to share a bit more.  Here is August's monthly spread:

See the glare?  ;-)  It is so difficult to photograph a transparency!  I created the "today" book mark from some flamingo transparency paper (because. flamingos.). Most of the strips of color that you see aren't washi (there is some in there, but not most of it).  Most of it is from this vellum 12x12 sheet that is part of the WP Hall Pass collection and still available in the store.  This is the first time I've tried that, and I like the way it looks.  Don't worry, I haven't abandoned my washi. The books you see on the first day of school, and the other flower paper are both cut out from patterned paper in the same collection.

One of the things that I have done on many of my pages is use a mask with some ink to fill up larger spaces with color.  For this August spread I stuck with the whole back-to-school idea, and added alphas along the left side of the page using this technique.  First I downloaded and cut this free cut file from the Paper Issues store. Then I used my blending tool along with the Pink to Red ombre ink from Hero Arts to create the background of letters for "August 2015" to sit on! I'm super happy with the way it turned out!

I used some Snarky Stamps to stamp the word 'happy' and 'day'.  B.'s name is stamped, colored, cut out, and glued back in.  I love the texture this adds!

One of the things that I've discovered is part of my jam when it comes to planners is using water color! I doodled these little flowers, and then added some watercolor.

You might think, "Aren't you worried that the pages will crinkle or warp a bit?".  Nope.  I was worried about it…and then I accidentally set my planner in some water.  Just a little -- only enough to cause issues for about 2-3 weeks of calendar. But it also gave me permission.  :-)  It was no longer "perfect",  and so now I can play.  ;-) I love the paper in this planner -- it does lose it's shape a little with the water colors, but not enough to bother me.  

Several other Design Team members are sharing their love of planners, and the planner bits that they get from the Paper Issues store to help them make pretty things. Check out the post here.

As always, if you are looking to add to your scrapbooking, or planner-ing stash…don't forget to use the code orangegearle when checking out from the Paper Issues Store.  It'll save you 20%

See you soon!

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  1. I ordered one for 2016 - I'm usually a Plum Planner girl - and I can't wait to get it!!