Friday, September 13, 2013

:: projects abound ::

Oh blogger friends, how I have missed you.  I am alive. I didn't fall off the face of the earth. Something did happen, though.

School started.
and not just for Charlie and me........
first day of preschool
But first she had a birthday....
This time of year is so crazy! It seems most things get neglected. I have managed to get in a bit of craftiness here and there....
this week we camped...there was an insert
I'm taking a class at BPC called "Project Life Lessons".  One word -- awesome.
here it is without the insert
insert front :: the food
insert back :: the beach

I've even spent some time in my art journal. This Bob Dylan quote made me do this:

And I even made a few layouts...
all about brushing teeth....
and playing in the water.
that background started white....and then i got out the gelatos and stamps
those letters were guessed it...gelatos (so fun)!
Yep, she still loves Batman. She really wants to be him when she grows up.  However, she has discovered that Batman isn't real (he is just in the movies - gasp!). she wants to go to California, so she can "be" Batman in the movies, when she grows up.  Or today.

I. Love. Her.