Monday, September 26, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ on a walk with mommy and daddy ~

A rough transcript (of just B.'s part):

Happy birthday to you Mommy, Saddy, Bea, and you and youand Princess and Fiona Princess.
I watch shrek, I watch shrek? I sing happy birthday to you princess Fiona
No. I no sing again.
La la la Elmo's song.
La la Elmo's song.
Go on. Go on. Do it.
La la song
(some think about a necklace I think)
(Something about) daddy do it...Elmo's song
No no Elmo'ssong
No no Elmo's song
No Elmo's song
No Elmo's song
I got I got I got my clipclops
I gotta put on my clip clops
And my ring And my ring (but puts hernecklace on)
My crown
Hey where's my ring
I want...look lookover there
Over here. Over here.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~ things i want to remember ~

I want to remember that yesterday you lined up some of your crayons to count them.
I want to remember that you did this while we were trying to get you out the door to stay at Grandma's house over night.
I want to remember how much I missed you when we woke up this morning and you were still at Grandma's house.
I want to remember how I smiled when I saw the crayons this morning, still all lined up, waiting to be counted.

I took a photo of your crayons so I wouldn't forget these moments.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

~ camping ~

Charlie is on his second round of antibiotics, steroids, cough medicine and now and inhaler.  I'm feeling much better, but this cold has been nasty!  We've pretty much had the plague at our place since school started!  Luckily, the worst of it has stayed away from B.  She has a little cough and a slightly runny nose, but mostly it seems like allergies for her.  This is how cute she looked on Friday, Sept 9, in her Pink Hawkeye cheerleading outfit!  Isn't she big???!!!


Immediately after this photo was taken we headed to Pleasant Creek State Park to get away from it all and camp for the weekend. Pleasant Creek isn't a creek, it's a lake...but it is quite pleasant!

One of the reasons that I like this camping area so much is because you are surrounded by natural prairie everywhere you go.  The yellows are very active this time of year.

We saw a deer the first night we were there.  Then over the next two days we had encounters with a snake and bullfrog.  B. loved them all!! 

Another great thing about this camping spot is the playground.  When B would get bored, we would take a little walk and play on the toys.  Once again, these photos remind me of how unbelievable big she has gotten!

Believe it or not, some of the noodles did get into her belly!  The smiling is partly because of the "yummy in her tummy", but mostly because Daddy is making faces!

We took our hand-me-down scooter with us.  She didn't do too bad!  We should get out that helmet, though!  Daddy helped push, but she was also able to scoot herself a long a bit.  Steering is still an issue!

All that playing did make for a tired two year old!