Friday, December 27, 2013

:: project life organization for 2014 ::

I'm back with a look at how I'm organizing for Project Life  2014. Have you heard of Traci Reed? She is pretty awesome!  I found an totally rad calendar/planner that she designed to help her organize for project life (for more information, click the photo to the right and keep reading)! I downloaded her work and quickly set out to make a planner that works for me.  It took a little editing in photoshop (since my weeks are going Wed-Tues.), but it wasn't too long before I was off and running!
I decided to make three planners this year, but I started with just one -- just in case this doesn't end up working for me!  I made this very similar to how I have made some journals in the past; chip board, card stock/patterned paper, and the cinch, that magical cinch.  Best recent tool purchase. Below are a few photos of my planner (with a bit of supportive text)!

I chose to have my weeks go from Wednesday to Tuesday this year (since the first is on Wednesday). My thinking is that I will have several days to complete the week (and photograph my LOs) before my goal of posting on Sunday. Yep, I set a goal to post all my PL layouts this year. I'm hoping this will give myself some accountability to complete!  We'll see how that works (I hope it works better than New Year resolutions that involve tread mills).  

I hope this journal and goal setting thing works for me.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am totally OK with missing weeks throughout 2013. But wouldn't it be magic if I could complete 2014? I think so. I will continue to use the momento app that I talked about in this post to help me out! It is a must have!

I'll be back soon with a post that includes my title page for PL 2014 (and maybe another DD update)! Hope you all had a Magical & Merry Christmas!

UPDATE 5.12.14 -- I've now used this notebook for four months -- check out this update

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

:: project life reflection and moving forward ::

Wow!  I have so much to say about Project Life, but I'll try to be succinct:


That pretty much says it all.  Here are a couple of recent weekly spreads (from Thanksgiving week and the first week of December).

For both of these I mostly used Studio Calico Project Life Kits (Nov. & Dec.).  Of course, I added a few things from my stash. I am loving the SC PL kits, and I will continue my subscription in 2014!

So how did I do in 2013? 

OK. I missed several weeks. I learned a lot about myself along the way, and I documented more than I have ever done before. So overall, even with the missed weeks, I am happy I tackled the project, and there is no way I can see my life without it.

Will I go back and finish 2013? 

Maybe. Like I said, I documented more in 2013 than I've ever documented, and I am totally happy with that. I want to move forward into 2014 with a clean slate (that's part of what the new year is about, right?), and not worry about 2013. However, if I find myself with extra time on my hands, or I'm motivated to go back, I will.  My focus is going to be moving forward, though.

What will I do the same in 2014? 

I am going to continue to work with the Studio Calico Project Life Kits. They are awesome. I started the year last year with a core kit -- Seafoam -- which I also love.  It is quite likely that there will be cards from that kit included in 2014. I will also continue with the 12x12, weekly, two page spread (with inserts when needed & as time allows). I used several different page protectors in 2013, but I mostly used the BH "A" style, and will likely continue using those. I will also stick with the orange WRMK 12x12 binders (they have already arrived on my doorstep)!

What will I change for 2014? 

I will likely not buy another core kit. It's not that I don't like them, it's more that I like the Studio Calico kits better, and I probably only like them better because I get bored with just one core kit. With the SC PL kits I feel like I can still have cohesion, at least over a week, maybe even over a month, but I also have a lot of variety. I do like the BH mini kits. I have a couple, and I imagine I will incorporate them into my PL next year (and I might buy more).  :-)  The only other thing that is quite tempting to me is the HSN exclusive "Just Add Color" kit!  I am loving the little 2x2 squares in that kit. I have resisted purchasing that kit (so far)!

Over the next couple of days I hope to share how I've started organizing for next year's PL, and how/when I plan to share my work on this blog next year. Here's a little sneaky sneak of my title page in progress:

Thanks for reading!

Monday, December 23, 2013

:: december documentation update one ::

Well, we are nearly to the big day, and I have felt excited, overwhelmed, discouraged, hopeful, and excited again with my December Daily 2013 project (only sometimes in that order, sometimes all within an hour)! This process is always good for me. I don't mind the roller coaster if it gets things documented!

A few weeks ago, I shared my cover and a few of my inside creations in this post. Today's post is meant to share a bit of behind the scenes stuff, as well as photos of the pages. Here we go!

Bea wrote a letter to Santa because she had a question about the elf (was it real?). I scanned the letter, and sized it down for the front of the envelope.  Also, there are more photos and story than I had space for, so I added a flip pocket (see below).

I put the original, full sized letter inside the envelope, of course.  When Snowflake (our first year with this elf, by the way) leaves Bea a note, it's always either 4x6 or 3x4 -- magic!  That elf is so smart and helpful (and a little creepy, but we are trying to overlook that). I plan to make a list of all (or most of) the places Snowflake surprised us and put it on that journal card.
This spread is a couple of "days" (really magical moments, see how I'm tackling this project below) in one. The tradition of a book a day continues this year (our third year). Under the sorting photo, there is another photo, and the story. The other side of the spread is about our wrapping paper this year.  :-)

There are a few more photos on flickr, here.

products i am using | I am mostly using the December Daily kit from Studio Calico and Ali Edwards. I did buy a few things, and I have a few other things in my stash that I am using, but mostly, it's from the kit.  The important stuff not in the kit: silver thread for my sewing machine (helps with the magic), wood veneers from target (in the Christmas wrapping paper section), and some blank transparencies, vellum, and wood veneers from my stash!

how i am tackling this project in 2013 | Instead of completely "following the rules", I am not approaching this project as documenting something every day. There really are no rules. It really is all about what you want to document; what memories you want to keep safe.  Each year I let the implied rule (December DAILY) get in the way of me completing the project. So this year I am mixing it up. This year I am documenting 25 (or so) magical moments of the season.  It is likely that I won't add much 'everyday' stuff into this DD, because I have Project Life for that.

other things keeping me busy | I am participating in several classes in December (both free and paid). Your December Inspired, Insta-Christmas, Picture Your Holidays, 30 Days of Lists, December Duos, and Holiday Storyteller. Each of these classes provide prompts and inspiration to help me deepen the level of storytelling I am putting into this project. I am so loving my daily emails!  I hope to share some of the projects (that aren't included in my DD) here soon. Until then I hope you are having a magical and peaceful holiday season!

Coming soon: reflection on Project Life 2013, and looking ahead to 2014!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

:: hello december ::

hello christmas season.
hello magic and wonder.

hello december documentation.

hello hustle.
hello bustle.
hello family and friends.

here. we. go.