Monday, August 20, 2012

~ she's three ~

We had a rock and roll birthday party yesterday.  Today she is officially three.

Yep, that's a real guitar (and yep, I said three, not thirteen)

B's amp on the left, daddy's on the right
I made a cake to match
A good day was had by all.

I bought balloons for the kids to take home at the end of the party.  The purple one, for Mikaela is still in our house.  She was missed.  When we only needed three chairs at the kid table, she was missed.  We miss her so.

Friday, August 17, 2012

~ quick update ~

Just a quick post to show that I am still around!

Last year I tried my first 365 project over on flickr.  If you aren't sure what that is, it is exactly what it sounds like -- 365 days of photos.  One year taking at least a photo a day and posting it to flickr for the group and anyone else to see.  It was right about this time of year last year that I FAILED.    But it wasn't a total fail.  I didn't finish the 365, so in that sense, I failed.  However, I grew as a photographer (eww, I hesitate to call myself a "photographer", it sounds so accomplished or something.  Mostly, I'm a mom who takes photographs). My goals for the 365 was to get better at taking photos (check), take more and better photos to scrapbook (check) and document our lives (check), so in that sense, I didn't fail.

I started another 365 this year, with some of the same lovely virtual friends that I met during my last attempt, and I even added a few more friends along the way.  I started the year off strong, but I haven't been doing so well lately! I'm still going.  I even made it through Mikaela's accident without missing a day.  My photos aren't always so great, and almost always playing catch up with posting them, but I'm still going.  I really want to do this - I want to finish something!

School has started, which means I'm back to work full time, for real, no exceptions, no flexibility, and lots to do. I'm glad for the structure of the day, it helps my mental state.  This is such a busy time!  B (who's 'getting bigger') will turn three on Monday!  I hope to talk about that more in my next post -- but the birthday party, at our house, is this weekend!  Exciting, and busy!

Here are a few photos that have made it into my 365 collection over the last few weeks:
~ SUMMER!!!! ~
~ summer ~

~ into the sun ~
~ into the sun ~

~ it's a double ~
~ it's a double ~

~ orchid buds ~
~ orchid buds ~

~ fun at the fair ~
~ fun at the fair ~

Sunday, August 5, 2012

~ daredevil ~

I've completed about three layouts or so since my last post!  Today I will share just one, but I hope to post the others soon.  This is a one pager -- something that I don't always do.  When I took this photo with my iPhone, I knew I had to use it for a layout because I am all about the story, and it has a story -- it is so B.
This is my daughter.  She has always been a bit of a daredevil, and one of her most favorite things to do is climb. In this particular photo, I'm pretty sure she is thinking all about the dismount.  The binkie, the look, the stance, it had to be documented.

I love the photo in B&W!  I have never scrapped a b&w photo (something new for me) and so I couldn't decide if I wanted to use papers with lots of color, or vary little color at all.  I chose the latter, with just a touch of pink (her favorite color).  I am happy with my choice, but I could see it going either way!  It was really strange for me to do a layout like this because I LOVE LOTS COLOR!

What was my favorite part?  Making the triangles!!!  For the triangles: I put washi tape on grey paper and cut out squares using a punch. Then, I simply cut the squares in half to make triangles.  After I laid it out, I decided I wanted a bit of pink in there, so I cut a couple triangles from pink paper.  But, the pick was too pink.  So, I put the washi over the pink, cut the squares, made them triangles, and I love them!

The three strips of paper are quotes of things that B. says when she is actually being dangerous -- but the bulk of the journaling is hidden in the bag (see below). The Issue Challenge #4 (July/Aug 2012) over at Club CK called for the use of a monogram, which I did.  Originally this was just white with the black text/border.  I altered the sticker by misting with pink, and then added a pearl mist over the top to give it a shimmer.  The black twine came from a RAK that I got from Ashley Horton (thank you)!

This pull out, hidden journaling, gave me some trouble!  I think I 'gessoed' it (I'm sure that's a word, right), misted it, wrote on it, etc. multiple times.  Finally I ended up writing on strips and calling it done!   The "favorite" stamp is from Elise Blaha Cripe.  It really says, "You are my favorite" but I only inked the word favorite!  :-)

Most of the items you see here came from the Scrapbook Circle Kit :: Sunshine Day (July).  All supplies are linked below.

What's new in this for me? Several items :  grommets, altering a sticker (I double misted the monogram), using a bag, and using a b&w photo

I hope to have several posts up this week.  Look for some subtle changes in the look of my blog as well (I hope). New teachers begin this week -- I am a mentor, so I am back completely, totally, full time, without flexibility.  I look forward to the structure, and I always love the beginning of the year, but I'm not certain I'm ready for the rat race that comes with it!

..::non-manifesto progress::..