Tuesday, June 26, 2012

~ summertime with a mini ~

School's out (yay!), but I'm not (boo)!  When I moved from classroom teacher to title one reading teacher, to literacy coach I made a gradual shift to more leadership duties.  As literacy coach I have an extended contract (only a few days) and end up working most of June (and did I mention that I am also taking graduate classes this summer?).  However, it's some of my favorite work and it's much more flexible time-wise, for that I am grateful! This means I also have a bit of time to think about projects and even a little time to do them!  Right now I have several things going at once, but I'll stick with one for now.  I hope to be able to share more often now that summer is here!  And with July just around the corner, I am optimistic about getting more crafty funness into my life!

Since Mikaela's accident we haven't gone to the park as often.  I'm not really sure why, it's not like we took her with us all the time or something that would make it more difficult.  I suppose some of it is related to going with her that last time, but I'm not sure. I also think that much of it is because we have a beautiful oasis in our own back yard!!
The rush of park visits early in the season, however,  have been enough to keep me busy with my park mini book!  I think I've found a pattern to this mini book that I like! With the exception of the first page or two I think my mini will have mostly the same format: a full 6x6 photo and four photos in a grid pattern for each event (Apparently, I'm into grids lately -- see this post).  Sometimes I will throw in a bonus (smaller) insert between them, and I hope to do a full 12x6 spread now and again.  Here is my first progress report on this project, it's hard to believe that I haven't worked on this since April 21st!

It's getting a bit thicker and stuff is sticking out!  I love it when stuff sticks out!
Minibook progress

And here are the new pages (with products linked below):

Park MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBookUntitled
This straight, to zig zag, to straight stitch, made it to my non-manifesto!Park MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBookPark MiniBook
For the above page, I journaled right in the patterned paper.
Park MiniBook

Thanks for stopping by!
..::non-manifesto progress::..
stamped on washi :: zig zag stitch in the middle of straight stitch ::

Products used:
(most of the Washi is Recollections from Michaels, but I couldn't find it online to link it up, and the pink "climber" letters are from eksuccess/sticko found at Target, but not found to link either)  UPDATE:  for some reason the inLinkz  links aren't working!  Elise's stamp is here.  October afternoon is here. Ormolu custom flair is here.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

~ to manifesto or not to manifesto ~

It's all the rage, I'm sure you've heard of it.  Seems like everyone is doing it.  Ali, Elise, Kirsten, to name three.

..::The Summer Manifesto::..

It seems like many of the summer manifestos popping up in my blog reader are inspired by or have some connection to the great Ali Edwards.  (Remember, I am totally addicted to Ali Edwards and Elise Blaha Cripe).  But, believe it or not, as wonderful as they all are, I am NOT going to create a manifesto!!  Why? Well, it's almost the end of June, for one reason!  Here are a few others...

Why no Manifesto :: (say that out loud, it's awesome)
  1. I have such a difficult time making decisions that by the time the list was finalized, the summer would be over!
  2. I am overly optimistic about what I can accomplish and it is quite likely that the list would be far to long!
  3. I hate it when I don't finish things.
  4. Taking classes and finishing up stuff at my job takes most of June, so July is really my only month that isn't super busy and I hope to spend it with Bea and friends in a flexible manner.
So what instead :: there is always an instead
I decided that I would simply attempt something new in most (if not all) of my projects this summer.  I mentioned it briefly in my last post, but now it's officially part of my non-manifesto (which technically is a manifesto, but pretend with me).  I hope to be able to do something, even small, in each of my projects to stretch myself.  I think that's doable, and fun!

Preview :: something I'm working on

This was meant to be a practice piece! However, I think I'm going to have to use it in some way because I like it! I'll wait to add it to my list of "new' attempts until it actually makes it in to a project, though.

Paint (new) + mask (new) +  spray ink (new).

Fun!  I like this new, non-manifesto!  What special summer goals are you working on? Did you write a summer manifesto?   

..::non-manifesto progress::..
stamped on washi

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

~ such personality ~


"Sometimes B. requests a 'walk' riding in the stroller, sometimes she prefers the wagon.  On this particular evening, she asked her daddy for the red wagon and demanded that he also provide her with ear protection!"

True story.  She didn't actually say "ear protection", but she did request to wear them.  I love these photos that My Soul Mate took because I can totally see her personality in them!  She is tilting her head from side to side as if she is dancing to the music in her head.

I based my layout on this sketch by Ashley Horton, as part of the June Sketch it Out Challenge over at Club CK.  Club CK is an online community full of great people and I love all of the forums, specifically the  creative challenges forum.  When I am at a loss for ideas, Club CK is one of my go to places!  Ashley Horton specifically inspires me!  I was excited to try her sketch!

Lately I've been challenging myself a bit by trying something new in each of my layouts or projects.  For this one my "new" was STAMPING ON WASHI!  I hadn't seen that done before, but I tried it, and it worked! I'm sure it's probably been done before, but please don't tell me so that I can feel like I'm being creative and original.  

This photo was taken when I was first trying it out.  I used the wrong ink.  I thought I was using StazOn ink, but I wasn't.  So the photo is the trial run (which didn't work), but when I did for real, I used StazOn (because it stays on, of course) and it totally worked (see below)!  The Dear Lizzy Camera stamps came in my Scrapbook Circle June kit, Field Notes.  I primarily used the kit for this layout, but I did add a few other items.  A full list of supplies at the bottom of this post!  (Have I mentioned how much I love Scrapbook Circle?? -- LOVE).
Washi (from Target) + StazOn ink + Dear Lizzy Camera Stamps = awesome!
I probably got a bit excessive with the machine stitching.  I think I'm addicted!
The camera flair button is a tin pin from October Afternoon (the boarding pass collection), it it matches the teal colored washi and camera stamps from the kit, so I went with it.
I found this "Daddy's Girl" sticker from Crate Paper's Emma's Shoppe Collection in my stash and thought it fit this layout perfectly -- added some brads for fun.  (more excessive stitching visible here, along with a "typo" that I fixed after the photo was taken).
I had a difficult time coming up with a title for this one, but decided that her personality was the important part of this story.  The yellow letters are from Cosmo Cricket.  The teal letters are from the kit!

That's all I have for now!  Look for a mini book update soon!!  (I've been busy!)

Scrapbook Circle kit items used below (+ the other extras from my stash that weren't included above):

Bella Blvd Teal Stripe Washi Tape
Echo Park This & That Tickets Please (yellow PP -- I used the 'back side')
Echo Park This & That Alpha Stickers ("SUCH"
Echo Park This & That Instamatic (one little strip of it at the top among all the washi)
Glitz Happy Travels Planes (the main background paper -- I used the 'back side' again)

other items from my stash that were not mentioned in the main post include:
black and white polkadot washi from K and Company's SMASH collection
teal "Like this" washi (with text) from K and Company's SMASH collection
Doodlebug Doodle twine