Saturday, July 14, 2012

~ makes me smile ~

Everyone says that you should write down the stories, so that later, when you scrap 'em, you remember them.  They also say that to do that you should have places to write it down available at all times.  I found this cute, striped, hard-cover, little notebook, added some washi and text and voila, I now have something to write down the stories that "make me smile".
Soon I will update you all on my park mini book progress.  I've sorta been at a stalemate because I've been trying to make a decision about just how to scrap the last time we took Mikaela to the park with us.  I made some decisions and progress over the last few days and hope to update soon.  I have family coming to town tomorrow and I've really been trying to spend as much quality time with B. as possible, so I've backed off a bit on the blog and the crafty projects!  If you recall, my mini book has mostly pink, green, a hint of blue, and orange (of course), with all orange stitching.  Well, one decision I made was that this page would have purple for Mikaela.  

Here are a few photos of my sweet B. over the last couple of days.  (I LOVE INSTAGRAM, BTW)!


  1. Loving the sneaks and those photos are precious!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee them!!

  2. Wonderful photos of your wee dolly. I am so grateful I took those pictures of the everyday now that mine are 12 and 9. You forget all the little things. Your mini will be perfect!

  3. I'm addicted to Instagram too! It's so much simpler than pulling out my big camera. You got some really great shots!! My favorite one is the last one of your daughter standing on the arm of the couch. She must be a daredevil like my kids. LOL

    1. That's one of my favorites too! In fact, I titled it "daredevil" and just printed it out today to scrapbook! :-)