Thursday, February 21, 2013

project life :: week 4 & a new challenge blog

Holy busy week, Batman! This Project Life thing is fun!
week four :: page one
I apologize ahead of time::  for some reason many of my photos on this post are quite wonky! I took the photos while there was still light, and by the time I had a chance to check them out and see that they were wonky -- it was too late to reshoot!  
week four :: page two
Guess what?  I have an insert this week (it's becoming a habit).  This week I just needed an 8.5x11 insert for some err...uh....paper.... I got a speeding ticket.  Ugh. In our community we have these traffic cameras that catch ya -- and they caught me!  Bad part was, I didn't even know I was speeding!  Argh!  Oh well, I haven't had a ticket in a zillion years, so I suppose I was due??
The other side of the insert is a print out of this blogpost and several instagram photos of other blogposts -- to document the fact that although I had a very busy week this week, I still posted on the blog four times -- no wonder I got that speeding ticket, right?
Insert close up (back)
I love my quote this week!  And B.  Oh B.  Why won't you ever keep your clothes on!?!
Favorite pocket this week:: these cards!  I cut some cards to the right size and put them in B's art area.  Then all I had to do was wait until she made something for me.  YAY!  I will do this again.
 Favorite Story for Week 4 :: Hiding and eating candy

New Challenge Blog :: With a giveaway!  If you look to the right...there are a few new buttons on my sidebar.  One that I would like to highlight today is a new challenge blog -- Scrap Your Story Challenges.  I stumbled across the blog yesterday, and it looks exciting! Their first challenge will go live on March 1st, but you should check it out now because they have a giveaway that could be yours! 

Coming soon :: I have several Project Life pages to share and of course a layout or two.  Let's not forget that lovely new Silhouette Cameo -- I have several things to share involving that....
And one more thing....I have an announcement that I am bursting to share.......oh so many fun things ahead!  :-)

Later taters!


  1. Loveeeeeee your PL pages!!! Bummer about the speeding ticket ... but loveeeeeee that you included her art!

  2. Don't 3yr old seems to have an aversion to socks, shoes, and yes pants too. LOL :) :) :) Love love love seeing your project life pages!

  3. This Project Life stuff looks amazing. Your pages are lovely and nothing wrong with looking at the world through orange tinted specs lol