Friday, February 1, 2013

:: OLW Blog Hop ::

Welcome to the first One Little Word blog hop of 2013! 
Did you come from Janet's place?  You are in the right place! Thank you for viewing my part of the world for a bit! 
Feel free to look around -- but orange colored glasses are required!
A complete list of participating blogs are listed at the bottom of this post. 

A little more than a week ago I shared my 2013 One Little Word, and how it found me, in this post.  My word is present, but it's really more like two words, be present.  This is my second year participating in Ali's class at Big Picture Classes and I am completely hooked.  Last year my life was...interrupted...and although my 2012 word, balance, stayed with me all year (and will always be a part of me), I didn't participate in the class with the prompts as much as I'd hoped. I am excited as I begin again (aren't new beginnings like magic?) and I am hopeful that I will continue to participate in the class and with this blog hop all year!  I hope you play along, too!

I started a flickr group to share photos related to our words.  Wanna join?  Here's a link.  You should totally join.  All the cool kids are doin' it (OK, right now it's just me, but I'm hoping for other cool kids). ;-)

OK. the photos -- when I hop to all these blogs, I always want to see the photos!
I didn't really feel right just starting, so I decided that I needed a title page. I resized a photo (that I took with my iPhone) to 7.5 x 10.5, added a banner and Ali's title card in photoshop, and printed it on my home printer (I'm pretty much doing all my printing at home right now, just for the convenience of it!).  I learned that I LOVE big pictures. OK, I admit, I think I already knew that, but now I know it for realz. Then I cut it up, rounded the corners and voila!  I may add some flair or something to it, I haven't decided.  I might just call 'er done.

two page spread for the prompt (names blurred for privacy)
Wow.  This was a difficult prompt. I didn't put numbers or dates on mine because I feel like I'm going to do them all, all the time, I'm an over achiever like that, yo!  BUT, I do like the idea of having a focus each month.  This month I was mostly just trying to survive, and think about my word, and make a conscience effort to listen, to others as well as myself.  That's not going away, the listening thing.  I know that I'm more of a talker than a listener.  :-)  So this is one that I will need to always focus on! To be present, one must be a listener.
process photo
For the main prompt, I used blue and orange StazOn ink to stamp "be present" on the cards (on both white and a light kraft color).  Then I used a fine print, blue sharpie and wrote on each card. The writing is basically the action or intention, I'm not sure what to call it.  For me, these words are the ways I need to "be present", if that makes sense.

I filled the rest of the spots with fun papers from my stash. This month much of it is Amy Tangerine.  I added some alphas, washi, and some other fun.
I printed Ali's title card on vellum, as well as a sample that I got from Shelley Haganman at A Flair for Buttons.  She is doing some custom flair for me related to my word and I borrowed one of the .jpg examples that she sent (with permission), printed it on vellum and put it over some of the Amy Tangerine paper. Both pieces of vellum are stapled with the Tiny Attacher.  I am not sure I am finished.  I might put some of the flair that I get on that top left card, or I might replace it with a self portrait.  I haven't decided yet!
I put a little wood veneer camera on this card (Studio Calico paper), but it wasn't quite right.  Then I added a little brad in the middle and I love it (it might be my favorite card)!
blogpost insert front
Finally I printed out most of this blog post on that same light Kraft card stock (front and back) and added a 6x12 insert.
blogpost insert back
Pretty simple, but I'm happy with the result.

One last thing...I am using the same binder that I used last year.  To separate the years I added a divider.
I used some plain (thick) transparency, painted it and added stickers for the year.

Hope you enjoyed seeing my process.  Please continue hopping!  Next stop...Ruth's place!

Here is the complete list of bloggers participating today -- give 'em some love!

Dona <----- That's me!


  1. Love love love love your OLW for this year and love love love the repeated stamped journal cards!! FABULOUS!!

  2. I love your colorful cards, and that cut up photo was amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Love the vellum idea... I may have to steal it (borrow in good faith?). Your cover page is a nice touch too. And the writing on the side. And, gah, I like it all! Copying is flattery right? Consider yourself flattered soon!

  4. Your pages are FANTASTIC! Tons of great ideas - so "liftable". Thanks for sharing and joining in the blog hop :)

  5. I love your pages!!! I love the color you used and I believe it has a funky vibe to it! I can't wait to see your upcoming pages!

  6. Wow! I love what you've done!

  7. wow wow wow I love what you've created. I too cannot add months or numbers and I did giggle about being an overachiever .... we sound alike there! I was thinking last night of printing a large photo and chopping it into pieces - seeing yours I think that is what I will do ... thanks for the inspiration

  8. Gorgeous collection - I'm another doing 'em all together all year, figure that is more like what will really happen. Love the organic stamping and painting, adding in extra protectors is one of my favourite thing right now so I liked the layers too.

  9. Just stopping in to say "hi!" I love your new blog background. And your cards are wonderful. GREAT word. Fantastic idea on your title page. So glad I stopped in.

  10. You/your blog/your layouts just exude energy! How fun.

  11. Oh wow, I love your use of colour in your OLW pages. Your paper choices are awesome. I'm so loving what you did. Also love your whole page photo as title page. Good luck with your word(s)!

  12. Really enjoyed this. Such an inspiration!

  13. You were right - the brad makes that little camera embellie! and LOVE all the vibrancy and energy of your color choices.

  14. I really love the way you repeated your OLW with the stamping and that photo is stunning. Really great post!

  15. You are overwhelming me with all the creative cards you did! So awesome! I absolutely love your set of 9 cards you made from one picture. The colors and embellishments you used are excellent. I'm so excited to follow along with you this year and see what you make next month!

  16. Oh, I just love your project. So sorry your little one isn't feeling well; sending get well wishes your way. Glad to see you on the hop again!