Thursday, July 21, 2011

~ welcome ~

I've blogged before. I was most active 2006-2007, blogging about music, politics, donating my kidney to my dad, and everyday life stuff. Then when I was pregnant I started a blog for the baby, but that fizzled out. I'm usually good at starting things, but not always good with the follow through. Most of the time it's because I set goals that are way to lofty, then I "get behind" and can't get out!!! So I quit. Probably not a good attribute to have or thing to admit. However, I'm getting better!

For example, I started a 365 project over at (photo a day), and I'm still going. Today is day 202. There have been moments and I've almost quit, but I'm still going! So maybe I'll be able to keep this blog up, too! I did enjoy it when I did it before.

So, what will this blog include? I have no idea. I'm starting it today with the idea that I can share my creations (photos and scrap booking) and our everyday life.

I'll start here by posting a few of the projects that I've worked on this week. Keep in mind this is my week off, I (sort of) start back to work next week (three days next week, three the next week, and then back-to-school-we-go the following week). Since I've been home this week, I've had an opportunity to work on some pages. After this, I will be lucky to get one layout a week completed (and that might be too lofty a goal)!

These first two contain photos that were taken the same day (4.2.11). They are two separate layouts because they tell two different stories. One tells about when we purchased the hat! The other tells about B's discovery of bugs. I may still have 1-2 pages to go with photos from this day, not sure.

~ bugs ~
photos: 4.2.11
scrapped: 7.15.11
materials: Most items are from Echo Park's Springtime collection. I added a little blue, some ribbon, and some K & Company stickers.
journaling reads: "On a visit to Grandma and Grandpa Braun's house, much to your delight, you found them, you captured them, and you let them go (a few didn't make it)." The other section says, "Springtime. Warmer temperatures, lighter, brighter clothes, sun and sun hats."

~ the sun hat ~
photos: 4.2.11 (the big photo was day 92 of my 365 project)
scrapped: 7.18.11
materials: mostly Echo Park Springtime collection
journaling reads: Grandma Howe and I took you shopping at the Coral Ridge Mall. It was your first time in a big mall without the stroller. You were amazed by all the sights and sounds. We walked into a children's store and way in the back you found this sun hat! You wouldn't let it out of your hands! Your persistence led to its purchase. These photos were taken a day or two later, outside, at Grandma and Grandpa Braun's house.

I've become involved in several online scrap booking communities as well as flickr. One of the scrap booking blogs that I follow is Sketchy Thursdays. This site posts a new sketch (every Thursday, of course) and the challenge is to use the sketch as inspiration, create and submit a page, and wait. ;-) On the following Wednesday they pick a random number and that person wins some goodies (scrap book materials). They also pick some of their "faves" and post them to the page. I entered for the first time yesterday and I didn't win the goodies, but my page was picked as one of the faves! Pretty cool. They may have just picked mine because they knew I was a first timer, who knows, but I'll take it! :-) It's kinda funny because I wasn't really happy with the page, and I still think something is missing. This is the the Sketchy Thursday sketch that I used:

This is my take on it (and did I mention it was one of their faves?):

~ milk moiselle ~
photo: 3.16.11 (day 75 of my 365 project)
scrapped: 7.20.11
materials: This is my first time using a kit from Scrapbook Circle (Grandma's Attic).
journaling reads: you love to play dress up! but, after this very fancy moment no more boa! too itchy!

Here are a few close ups of this one:

Please notice the first ever machine stitching in the above photo! I purchased a sewing machine this week, and had quite the adventure trying to figure out how to use the darn thing.

OK, it's nearly noon and I haven't started a new layout! I had better get busy, my "free" days are slowing slipping away...

Welcome to my view - through orange colored glasses.

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  1. Congratulations! You are a winner of the Sketches for Scrapbooking Volume 8 book over on my blog! Please email me at scarthur1{at}yahoo{dot}com with your name and address by Sunday, July 31st at 11pm CST to claim your prize!