Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~ on a walk with mommy and daddy ~

A rough transcript (of just B.'s part):

Happy birthday to you Mommy, Saddy, Bea, and you and youand Princess and Fiona Princess.
I watch shrek, I watch shrek? I sing happy birthday to you princess Fiona
No. I no sing again.
La la la Elmo's song.
La la Elmo's song.
Go on. Go on. Do it.
La la song
(some think about a necklace I think)
(Something about) daddy do it...Elmo's song
No no Elmo'ssong
No no Elmo's song
No Elmo's song
No Elmo's song
I got I got I got my clipclops
I gotta put on my clip clops
And my ring And my ring (but puts hernecklace on)
My crown
Hey where's my ring
I want...look lookover there
Over here. Over here.

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