Tuesday, December 24, 2013

:: project life reflection and moving forward ::

Wow!  I have so much to say about Project Life, but I'll try to be succinct:


That pretty much says it all.  Here are a couple of recent weekly spreads (from Thanksgiving week and the first week of December).

For both of these I mostly used Studio Calico Project Life Kits (Nov. & Dec.).  Of course, I added a few things from my stash. I am loving the SC PL kits, and I will continue my subscription in 2014!

So how did I do in 2013? 

OK. I missed several weeks. I learned a lot about myself along the way, and I documented more than I have ever done before. So overall, even with the missed weeks, I am happy I tackled the project, and there is no way I can see my life without it.

Will I go back and finish 2013? 

Maybe. Like I said, I documented more in 2013 than I've ever documented, and I am totally happy with that. I want to move forward into 2014 with a clean slate (that's part of what the new year is about, right?), and not worry about 2013. However, if I find myself with extra time on my hands, or I'm motivated to go back, I will.  My focus is going to be moving forward, though.

What will I do the same in 2014? 

I am going to continue to work with the Studio Calico Project Life Kits. They are awesome. I started the year last year with a core kit -- Seafoam -- which I also love.  It is quite likely that there will be cards from that kit included in 2014. I will also continue with the 12x12, weekly, two page spread (with inserts when needed & as time allows). I used several different page protectors in 2013, but I mostly used the BH "A" style, and will likely continue using those. I will also stick with the orange WRMK 12x12 binders (they have already arrived on my doorstep)!

What will I change for 2014? 

I will likely not buy another core kit. It's not that I don't like them, it's more that I like the Studio Calico kits better, and I probably only like them better because I get bored with just one core kit. With the SC PL kits I feel like I can still have cohesion, at least over a week, maybe even over a month, but I also have a lot of variety. I do like the BH mini kits. I have a couple, and I imagine I will incorporate them into my PL next year (and I might buy more).  :-)  The only other thing that is quite tempting to me is the HSN exclusive "Just Add Color" kit!  I am loving the little 2x2 squares in that kit. I have resisted purchasing that kit (so far)!

Over the next couple of days I hope to share how I've started organizing for next year's PL, and how/when I plan to share my work on this blog next year. Here's a little sneaky sneak of my title page in progress:

Thanks for reading!


  1. Loving your PL pages!! I loveeeeeeeee the stitching for the month!!!!

  2. Love seeing your pages! They are fabulous!

  3. Cool post and I agree with moving forward with a clean slate

  4. Great post - LOVE your pages! Where did you get that great gold quote card "love what you have" ? Thanks so much for sharing~

    1. Brandi, thanks for your comment! I got the gold quote card in the November CUPPA Project Life kit from Studio Calico!

  5. Love your project life pages!!! Going to check out the just add color kit. sounds interesting. And good for you that you already are planning for 2014. Hope all is well. Happy New Year!