Friday, January 3, 2014

:: a SMASHing One Little Word ::

Don't you love opening a new can of coffee? Doesn't it smell just magnificent? That's how I feel about the new year!!! :-) I do love clean slates, fresh starts, new beginnings!

It's here! It's that time again.  I am participating in Ali Edward's One Little Word for my third year. I am excited and hopeful about this new beginning.   I love the beginning of the calendar year, almost as much as I love the beginning of a new school year (with it's freshly sharpened pencils and all)!

For those of you that have participated in OLW in the past, Ali is doing things a bit differently this year. Big Picture Classes is not hosting this class, Ali is hosting it from her website. She has also added an optional Facebook page, which is a new addition that I am welcoming with open arms! Unlike the message boards, I am on FB frequently and can get updates and stay connected to my classmates. Love that (did you know I'm a fairly social person?)!

I am thinking about making a few changes of my own in the way I document my word this year. I am also taking a class from the great Danielle Taylor (AKA Scrapper On The Street). Her class is called SMASHing 2014.  This class isn't pocket pages like PL, but it's a way to document the year -- and you can do whatever you want (so it could be pocket pages if you want!).  :-)  Dani provides prompts and videos for motivation during this year long class, as well as the opportunity to connect and share with others. I think I'm going to take this opportunity to SMASH my OLW this year! I purchased the 365 style SMASH book (it arrived today -- and it's empty, clean, new, just waiting for my word). There are about three, 2-page spreads for each month (basically). Pretty much exactly what I need --  magic. I figure there will be room to use Ali's monthly prompts to make my word visible -- with a little extra space to expand on those thoughts and use Dani's prompts for further connections to my life. I have always admired those that stray from Ali's (wonderful) examples and do things like art journal or something as they get to know their word and it's place in their life. Is it going to work for me?  I have no idea. But I'm just going to leap, fearlessly into this endeavor.

Meet my One Little Word 2014.  fearless.

Happy New Year!

(the necklace is from Origami Owl, and I took the photo with my NEW Canon EOS 70D -- thanks honey!)