Saturday, August 27, 2011

~ happy birthday (a week late) ~

Last Saturday our baby turned two! And boy is she two! It has been so much fun watching her grow and change over the last two years. I can't believe the leaps and bounds in language development over the last few months. The latest funny is that she is adding "honey" to everything. We first noticed it Thursday night when she was telling us she was thirsty, "More milk, Honey."!

Kids started back to school on the 18th, and we also didn't have our regular daycare provider on that day and several days following because she was out of town. We knew in advance, but the lack of a regular routine and schedule does tend to throw everything off. My mom was able to babysit her 3 of the 4 days (thanks Mom!), and Charlie stayed home the first day. Friday, the 19th my mom (thanks, again) took her to the doctor -- pink eye. But she seemed fine on her birthday. Here are a few picks from the day, more on flickr.

The loot:
I made a presonalized Elmo birthday banner with my Cricut!
B.'s first look at the presents!
Shock and awe over the whole thing.
We probably could've just purchased balloons for the kids. We had a hard time getting her to open her presents!

The Elmo cake!

Never leave home without it...

Eating like all princesses, right?
And then she licked rocks for dessert!
Sunday we recovered. Monday night she threw up all night (I'm sure it wasn't related to the rock eating). Then Charlie and I got it. We are still recovering!!

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  1. Soooooo cute!! Your baby girl is BEAUTIFUL!! Looks like a great party! :):):):):):):):):):):)