Sunday, January 8, 2012

~ a walk ~

Just a quick one tonight to share a few photos.  My family and I went for a walk this evening.  For one, to get the girls out -- they needed to run.  :-) Also, I wanted to try to capture a sunset using one of the new lens filters that I received as a Christmas gift from my soul mate!
Bundled B.

Merry M.



For some reason the photo below has been getting a lot of love over on flickr.  We had a few hours without a child yesterday so my man drove me around town to try to find a photo for theme 1 of my 52 weeks group (My Town).  I took several photos, including this one, using my new lens hoods (also from my sweetie)!
~ alliant building ~ 7/365
Finally, I did do some work on my still unfinished December Daily album this weekend, as well as gathered a few items for my OLW project (yes that meant a trip to my LSS)!  I will post photos of both projects sooner rather than later (I hope)!

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  1. Love love love love the photos!! The girls are ADORABLE!! And thinking the angle is what's drawing everyone to that last one...You captured a wayyyyyyyyyyyyy cool shot there! :):):):):):):):):):):)