Wednesday, January 4, 2012

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Just a quick post to share some photos that I like from  the last week and a half or so.  The first comes from Christmas Eve at my folks.  This is my mother, B., and my granddaughter, M., waving out the door as SANTA left!  Yes, my mother arranged for Santa to visit the girls on Christmas Eve!!!  She's amazing!  Shortly after this photo was taken, Bea yelled, "Bye Santa....hey...yook at the yights!"  She really wanted Santa to see Grandma's outdoor Christmas lights!

The next three are from Christmas Day at the other grandma's house.  The first is B. looking at her new dollhouse!  She loves it!  We are working on finding a way to get it to our house so that she can play with it more often (it's so big, we really don't have the space).  

Did you know that the next Olympic sport is nearly-naked iPadding?  ;-)  This is a sight frequently seen in our home, however this shot was captured on Christmas at Grandma and Grandpa's house.

Cousins, all on iPads, the younger brother more concerned with what his older brother is doing than with the iPad itself (as is usually the case).

Below you will find days 2 and 3 of my 365 adventure (I shared day one here).  I must admit that I am already just taking random, unplanned shots that may or may not work!  That's not a good start to the year!  Day two was going to be me standing on my piano bench in brightly colored socks and PJ bottoms.  However, B kept climbing onto the bench!  So, for the first Bench Monday of the year (and photo 2/365), I submitted a black & white of B's tiny toes.

Tuesday was my first day back at work and it was long and busy (and the alarm clock was not welcome)!  The three of us went grocery shopping after work and I snapped this "number" shot for the We're Here! flickr group that I am a member of.  As it was my only shot of the day, it is also my day 3 of 365.  There is something about this iPhone shot that I do like.  It could be better, but the green and numbers make me happy in some way.  :-)


OLW update.  I decided to use the photo of my necklace as my title page for my One Little Word book.  After going back and forth about using PSE for the word "balance" or printing it without the word and adding some sticker alphas, I (think I) settled on the PSE version.  For some reason when I upload this photo it looks like the necklace is gold, but it is silver.  Not really sure why.  :-(  Anyway, a funny story.  I went to pick up my photos and Walgreens and they questioned if this was a photo that I took or if it was professional.  It even had "pro release" written on the front of the envelope, questioning if I needed a release from the professional that took the photo.  I know that it is just because of the overlay, but I still said, "Thank you" when he said that it looked professional!

In the same vain, a few weeks ago I received a flickr email from Getty Images, asking if I would like to license some of my photos (chosen by them through my flickr photostream) for commercial use.   Getty Images is an "invitation-only service for Flickr members to license their photos for commercial use" (quote from the email).  They found six photos in my my photostream that they thought I should license.  I had to fill out a bunch of forms (W2-type stuff) and I still need to get releases for five of the photos (because they have people in them) before they can be placed on their website for sale.   I didn't do much with it until the last week or so, but one of my photos (that didn't need a photo release because there are no people) is currently "for sale", which just cracks me up. 

Finally, today is Gwamma's birthday.  Among other things, Gwamma got soft pink jammies for her birthday and I got photo four for my 365 project.

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