Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~ OLW March 1st Blog Hop ~

Welcome my place!  It's One Little Word March Blog Hop time.  If you stopped here from  Becky's place, you have arrived at your destination (for now).  I hope you enjoy your visit!  I have experienced many interactions with my word this month and I am excited to be able to share them with all interested parties! There is a full list of blog hop participants located at the bottom of this post.

{balance} Just seven little letters strung together, who knew they could hold so much power!?  

{the prompt} This month Ali asked us to pick up the camera, rummage through magazines, explore Pinterest, or do anything else that might help us find visual representations of our one little word.  I was excited for this opportunity to use more photos with this project, since it's a little hobby of mine.  But, WOW, I really had to think about how to represent my word visually!  I had some help along the way, though. My word kept popping up all over the place!

{invite} I went back to last month's prompts, specifically the "invitation" part of the prompt, to focus and think about what my word looks like.  I thought about what it was that I really wanted to invite into my life as a result of this one little word.  In order to achieve balance in my personal and professional life, and between my personal and professional life, I invite harmony, calm and stability into my life.  I want to be present, in the moment, and focused on what really matters. I invite creativity into my life in all of it's forms.  Then, I took steps, sometimes baby ones, toward that balance, harmony, creativity, and stability.

{steps} So what are the steps I have taken to connect with my word, and fully welcome those previously invited things into my life?  Professionally I have begun to refocus the way I am doing my job.  Since I began my position more than three years ago, I have yet to bring my vision to life.  I've been doing some reading and online learning, as well as focused conversations with the professionals around me, all of which have been steps in the right direction.  I'm headed there; the right place to make a difference in the lives of the children around me.

"I know exactly where I'm heading, 
This is just a little stop I made on the way."

I know exactly what I need in my life to achieve balance personally; my journey is to figure out the how.  So what little changes have I made so far?

{family} Being present and appreciating my soul mate, my daughters and my granddaughter, which requires "powering down" once in a while (still work to do here)! Visiting my mother, father, sister and brother more often (but not quite enough, yet).
{health} Started jogging again (yeah me!) and I'm reading this book (heard about from Elise Blaha's blog) -- trying to put some of it into practice (just keep swimming, just keep swimming...)
{creativity and fun} Reading for enjoyment, working with photographs, scrapbooking (not enough!), blogging (not enough!), going to live music (got to see TWO this month here, and here -- woot)!

{a little help from my friends} I can't end this post without mentioning this: all this focus on my word has contamintated those around me.  :-)  I am certain there are people in my life that are sick of hearing my word cross my lips!  But also, there are some in my life that help me, and encourage me to connect with my word.  One of many is my friend and co-worker, Kendra.  When she saw that I was jogging again, she sent me a quote...and then another...connecting to jogging and my word.  I so appreciate that!  Even made it on the page.

{the prompt in action}  So here we go....

Initially, I had decided that I would probably *not* do the full page photo included in the prompt, mostly because I didn't have a good way to print a photo in the 8.5x11 size.  Then I decided that was a silly reason and went out and bought a new printer! Apparently, I'm all about trying new things this month!  I also wrote on a photo for the first time.  I tried a technique similar to one that Elise Blaha uses frequently in her work, specifically I've seen it pop up in her project life.  I put the photo in photoshop and added some of the text, leaving out a few key words.  Then I channelled my inner Elise and Ali and wrote directly on the photo.  Fun!  This photo was taken the day that I started jogging again.  I knew I would eventually do it, I just needed to get to the right place to do it. So, I started, but snapped a quick photo of my feet first.  :-)

february's whispers of balance
spending time with my extended family :: jogging:: 
watching B. sleep :: appreciating the moment :: 
noticing :: laughing :: doing :: drinking wine :: 'powering 
down' to listen :: taking photographs :: reading :: 
going to shows :: snuggling B. :: enjoying 

Here's a close up...

I used to jog, quite regularly for several years. And now, quite regularly for several years, I have NOT been jogging. :-) Calling what I did on this day 'jogging' is being very nice to myself. :-) I walked, I jogged a bit, but either way I started. I always listen to music when I jog, and this day I listened to The Jayhawks. But I couldn't help but think of this line from Bob Dylan's (the greatest poet/song writer of all time) Thunder on the Mountain : "Today's the day, gonna grab my trombone and blow".  This day was the day I grabbed it (also the quote on the bottom of the photo). You'll notice two other elements on my page this month that have a connection to jogging. 

Top row:
:: Date stamped on grey, Hambley overlay, and my olw on a tag
:: I used two pockets for one photo.  This photo was taken just before my father had surgery.  Part of the balance that I need to find in my life is very related to spending as much time as possible with my parents.  I still might write something on this photo, I haven't decided!

Middle row: 
:: I've been trying to take a healthily lunch to work, based on my new learning from the book that I am reading.  
:: My sweet B.  
:: My word keeps popping up in the professional reading that I have been doing!  Hello, balance!

Bottom row: 
:: A photo taken at one of the two shows we went to this month.  
:: This is a screen shot from my iPhone of my first "jog" (using the Nike app).  
:: A quote that my friend Kendra found for me.  Quote reads, " If you run, you are a runner.  It doesn't matter how fast or how far.  It doesn't matter if today is your first day or if you've been running for twenty years.  There is no test to pass, no license to earn, no membership card to get.  You just run."  ~ John Bingham

This was fun and didn't take nearly as long (or require as much decision making) as last month!  I am really enjoying this project and look forward to what March might bring!

{about the class} One little word is a class offered over at Big Picture Classes.  Ali Edwards sends out an email once a month with a prompt to help you focus and experience your word.  There is also an online community that welcomes you with open arms!  One little word class is open all year! It's not to late to join the fun!  

Thank you for visiting my little blog!  Next up is  Katrina!  If you'd like to start from the beginning, here's  Margie's place.  Happy March!


  1. This is GREAT!!! I loveeeeeeee how you journaled on your page!

  2. Love the orange on your page and sneakers. Cool use of mixing fonts and handwriting on your page - congrats on channeling and trying something new.

  3. such a great post! thank you for sharing so much of your process with us. oh and I love your page protector! your photos are awesome and the text accompanying your big photo is seriously great. thank you so much!

  4. Wow! A new printer! :) And I love your enlarged photo. Very nice job!

  5. The metabolism books sounds very interesting. And Elese's blog was so interesting and heart-warming to read, will add it to my reader list! Thanks for sharing your journey with us. Love the running quote...been doing more of it myself and have started some intense interval running which makes me feel so strong and good! Keep up the good work!

  6. first of all i just love the happy colors of your blog. and i love hearing how your word is really working in your life. your photos really reflect this. :) love,kelly

  7. Love your colour combo and the shot of your feet.

  8. I love the shot of your sneakers. Congratulations on starting to run again. The quote about running is awesome.

  9. Great take on the 9 patch! It looks like you really are finding balance! I have not written on my big photo yet...or printed it! LOL! Perhaps I need some of your balance! Good luck with your OLW in March! -Amanda

  10. Great photos! I really appreciate your thoughts on balance. The photo of your shoes before jogging just made me smile!
    ps I'm a big Dylan fan, currently I'm wearing out Modern Times.

  11. WOW. I'm in love with quite a bit on your project, but the card with all the dates stamped and the balance tag is really powerful and oh-so-cool. I'm *thinking* about trying to run, so you inspire me. Thank you.

  12. What a terrific job you did on documenting your word. Very inspiring. :) And it totally made me laugh that you got a new printer. That sounds like something I would do. :D Glad you are finding such fulfillment in your word and that it is helping you at work.