Sunday, April 1, 2012

~ OLW April 1st Blog Hop ~

Welcome my place!  It's One Little Word April Blog Hop time.  If you stopped here from  Janet's place, you have arrived at your destination (for now).  I hope you enjoy your visit!  There is a complete list of blog hop participants at the end of this post, please take a moment to spread your love!!  
I have no process items to share with you this month like I have in past months.  I'm sorry about that, and I expect to share later in the month.  Today I will just share my stories.  :-)
Ali asked is to connect with our word this month by doing or acting on our word.  I'm lucky, I've been acting since the beginning!  One thing that Ali asked us to do was set a goal to help us with our action.  I had a difficult time deciding (cuz I always have a difficult time deciding) on which goal to really document!  Visit my family more?  Create more?  Work more?  Play more?  How could I ever pick just one???  There are so many things to {balance}!  That's why I my word chose me!  So, I finally just picked one, about mid-month, that I thought would be easy to accomplish.  My goal was to jog more this month than last month!  I thought it would be an easy one because I only started back into jogging recently, and how could I not jog more this month than last?  But guess what?  I failed!  I will say, that I probably could've met my goal, but I also had a lot working against me this month, and many choices to make to maintain {balance}!
A couple of weeks ago, we got a phone call from My One True Love's father.  He didn't have good news.  C's mom had fallen down the stairs, hard, and was in the hospital.  What a whirlwind of a week!  I'm happy to report that after a week in the hospital, and one return visit, she is on the mend!  Get well soon, K!
Have I mentioned that I am feeling quite old lately?  I'm not really that old (41), but I'm feeling it!  Most recently, I believe that I have Planter's Fasciitis!!!  It is difficult to jog with that!  So that is my excuse.  I probably could've done it anyway, and I'm not going to let it keep me down, but I'm using it as my excuse, for now!  :-)  I have purchased some inserts for my shoes, and I'm going to buy new running shoes, specifically helpful for my issue (so I hear), and I will jog again soon!
A few other items have kept me from getting 'er done (the actual pages in my album), but mostly I know that I will complete it within the next week or so.  I'm not worried.  In fact, it's totally OK that I didn't meet my goal or complete the pages.  Why?  Well, because I'm doing the real work.  Those things had to go, temporarily, because the balances had to shift.  In the post that I introduced my word I mentioned that I don't believe {balance} means equal.  This past month I had to shift my focus often to feel sane, keep the main thing the main thing, and maintain a feeling of {balance} in my life.  That's the real work, right?
So, that's all I have for you this month.  I will post within the next couple of weeks with photographs of my OLW documentation.  Stop back if you get a chance!  
Next stop Amanda!

Orange Gearle  <----- this is me!
Melissa S


  1. Glad you made the important choices and found balance. Hope the planters gets better - mine thankfully did and I'm enjoying walking again. You are so right - the pages will get done and the important stuff is internal to you.

  2. i love this - balance doesn't have to mean equal - what a great way of thinking about balancing life! thank you for sharing! love, kelly

  3. Glad to hear your MIL is on the mend - my Mom has fallen a number of times and it is frankly scary. I sooo relate to feeling old although I am 51 so that IS old! I love your post and all that you have processed this month. I kind of think that OLW and this hop shouldn't be one more pressure to get done. Have a great month!

  4. Oh no. I hope it's not PF. You'll be on the move again in no time. No worries about the page. Focusing on what is important is part of what OLW is all about. The rest is just bonus!

  5. Our months (and lives) sound the dad had a health scare and I spent a weekend with him in the hospital, and I'm feeling every single year of my 41 years! Here's to a fabulous can do it :)