Friday, February 28, 2014

..:: project life : week 5 ::..

Do you document the not-so-good moments in your Project Life album? This week I felt like I had to because it was a large part of the week!  So, here is what I did...
Week 5 right

I grabbed this piece of art off the internet. The artist is Brian Andreas, and you can purchase his stuff here.  I love his stuff.  I have several of his prints in my house, and have given even more as gifts! This is one of my favorites. It's about death, which was so much of what this week was about, unfortunately.  I love how the hearts are connected…those on Earth and in Heaven.  Love. I put this on the front of the card, with a tab indicating that there was more to this than just the front. I used a cloud as my tab, because it was an emotionally cloudy day.
When you take out this card and open it up, you get the story. It's not well written, but it's honest and it tells the facts. I couldn't do PL this week without including the stories of this day, even though it was a horrible day.
week 5 left
Also documented this week: super bowl, me home sick (also not so fun), the start of LOAD214 (fun!) and Bea's art.  I've decided that I will include 3-4 photos of my "LOAD" layouts in collage form each week of February! (more about LOAD here) And last but not least, I added a pretty awesome insert. :-) You can see the front of the insert in the photo below.
week 5 spread with front of insert

I used a coin protector, (something like these) a few cards from the Just Add Color kit (perfect fit), and a few cards from the Seafoam kit (that I cut to fit the windows). The whole front of the insert includes parts of photos that my One True Love took a uploaded to Facebook.  Have you noticed that when you look at an album on FB, it shows a bunch of little, square photos, even if your photos aren't square?  Well, that's how I got the idea for this insert.  When I went to the FB album, I saw all these parts of the guitar…in little squares. So, I copied that! I also used my Soul Mate's words on this insert. First, on the front, most of the text you see is from his FB post -- the captions on the photos. Then I did even more on the back (see below).
week 5 spread with back of insert
On the back of the insert, I used more Seafoam and JAC. I also used more little parts of photos. I took one photo that showed the whole guitar, printed it 4x6, and then cut it to fit the little windows. Then, the text on the bottom is what my Soul Mate wrote about the guitar (I took it right off Facebook, printed it out, and then cut it up)!  Love getting his words in there.

I used a mishmash of kits this week -- most probably came from the Studio Calico January kit.  If you have a question about a specific card -- let me know in the comments and I will try to get that info to you ASAP!

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  1. I like how you included the bad things in your week. Although I don't always want to broadcast things, I do like to record them. I didn't think I'd use the bifold cards very often, but I've used them a few times!

  2. I'm so sorry for your emotional day. It sounds so heart-wrenching! Hugs hugs (even though my comment is belated) and thoughts of hope and comfort to you and all those effected by the passing of those sweet souls.

    I love all the peek-a-boos that you have in your album. I'm also in love with the tab you have on your journaling card. It's lovely! It gives me a Moroccan feel, and I hear beautiful foreign music when I look at it - like another world trying to capture me and take me away. have lovely handwriting. Thank you so much for sharing your Project Life, but more importantly, your LIFE. <3