Sunday, February 2, 2014

..:: project life weeks 2 & 3 ::..

Holy catch up Batman, I haven't shared Project life in weeks -- so you get two today.
This week I tried out my new kit -- a Home Shopping Network exclusive -- Just Add Color (I bought it because I love the little squares)! So, I have design A on the left and the new one on the right (I have no idea what that one is called, sorry)!
We had all kinds of happy mail this week -- new stamps from Elise Blaha Cripe, and our new iPhones arrived!  It was also our first day back at school after an extra long break due to the weather -- so I snapped a photo there as well! This week I also included some memorabilia -- one of Elise's business cards behind the photo of the stamps, a tag showing my awesome new pajamas -- and the clearance price -- and I also included a list.  Wine really stands out, doesn't it?  And beer is on there twice! Oh my! (We thought it was funny, so I included it)
Our bird lost a few tail feathers (the first since we got him in November), Charlie had oral surgery, and we played a lot of UNO! :-)  I also have a bit of hidden journaling (some funny, but personal, remarks that Bea shared with us this week).  

I used a mixture of the January Studio Calico PL kit and the Just Add Color Core kit. Fun!

Moving on…..
Week 3 has an insert -- there was a birthday in the family! Above is the two page spread with the front of the insert captured. The insert is all about Lucius turning 6!
Snack day is a big deal in the life of a four year old -- especially because you also get to be the star for the day -- so I included it. C. took Bea to the birthday party for our nephew (I couldn't go because I am allergic to their cats), so I went to a crop in Central City with my friend, Bridget. Fun!
We got to babysit Brycen one day -- and C. showed Bea how to fold her laundry. There was also a bit of weather -- imagine that -- but it didn't stop C. from grilling! Pssstt…wanna know a secret? On this two page spread many of the stamped circles and words are stamped onto a studio calico card that is not really a "card".  Wha???????? you say! It's one of those cards that come in the PL kit, and say Studio Calico in the middle (may have even said the moth of the kit or something).  It has an orange pattern. It worked for the week, so I went with it.
Above is the week 3 spread, with the back of the insert showing.

I have week four (Jan. 22-28) nearly finished, just an insert to take care of (and I need a little bit of help from my One True Love to complete it)!  My plan is to share it with you next Sunday!

For the month of February I am participating in LOAD214. (LOAD = LayOut A Day). Our prompt for today was to scrap the everyday. My project life is all about the everyday, so this was an easy one for me! 

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  1. WOW!!! All your layouts are AMAZING!!!!! Good for you getting so much done with LOAD! I would love to try that sometime. Your PL pages are great too! Pinning some of your layouts for inspiration!