Sunday, March 2, 2014

..:: project life : week 6 ::..

If you keep reading to the bottom of this post, you will see why I really love documenting life this way.
A layout inside a Project Life LO??  Wha?????? Yep, awesome. Here's how it looks in the spread:

week 6 spread
This week I mostly used the Studio Calico February Project Life kit. I did add a couple of things that I'd like to highlight. See the circle under the arrow pointing at Bea sleeping on the couch?  I needed something to "match" the "make believe" card and the dots on the 3x4 card on the far right. So, I found some paint…painted a bit of card stock and punched it with my 1 inch punch.

I also added a few cards from other kits (I think Honey) and I made a couple of my own!  See all those colorful polka dots below?  Those were all from one journaling card that I cut up and placed throughout the page.
week 6 left
But then I ran out of the perfect polka dot paper -- so I made my own!  I used a circle stamp in various colors to create the journaling spots on the two top photos (below). All of these dots were inspired by that lovely 3x4 polkadot card on the far right (below).  To that lovely card I added a heart (painted with that same paint) and then a little squiggle and boarder with my journaling pen (AC precision pen).

Weather. Batman. Games. Food. OMGoodness, I am ready for spring.  It seems like week 5 or 6 is when I feel like we just might be too boring to do project life…and then something happens to change my mind.  Keep reading for the something!

This week I was able to document the exact week that Bea jumped a developmental stage in her drawing. Up until this point, she drew her people as a circle with the arms and legs coming right off the head (no body) -- you can see this in the painting on the insert below.  But this week, she started adding bodies -- and I got it documented!  Woot woot!  Go Project Life!!! (You can see these new people in the 3x4 card on the far left of the photo right above this paragraph). It's even funnier because not only did she add a body -- she also added BRAINS.  Ha!  So funny!!!
I've said this before, I'll say it now, and I'm certain I will say it again : I just love adding all that "stuff" to my album (like artwork).  And this week I extra love that I was able to get this developmental milestone documented!

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