Sunday, March 9, 2014

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Week 7 included Valentine's Day.  
I have been saving this gift card holder since October, knowing I would use it in PL someday! Well, this week seemed perfect.  When you take out the card, the journaling is on the back (I had to cut a slit in the pocket protector so it could easily be slid out). When the card is completely inside, the heart in "love" is red.  Here is the two page spread, including an insert:
week 7
I used mostly the February Studio Calico PL kit with some embellishments from my stash (and a couple of cards from other collections).
week 7 left
I really like the photo of Bea in her undies and cowboy boots -- working on her valentines.  But, it was a "portrait" photo instead of horizontal. I wanted it bigger, and didn't want to cut off any of it -- so I made it go through several pockets.  

I had several "portrait" photos this week -- and in some cases, about the same thing, but I couldn't decide on a photo -- so I made a little extra room by adding some washi tape at the top to create a flip up (best part is that there is also room to journal on the back of the front photo)! I did this TWICE this week!

week 7 right
More weather and white board shots!  We took Bea to a The Lego Movie (we are so done with this weather)! I didn't really get a photo while we were there, so I took a screen shot of the movie poster so I could document that part of our week. 

I used my Tiny Attacher to staple the movie tickets to a plain grid card, stamped the word "tickets" on a tab and added that to the card so it would be easy to pull out (and so you would know something was there). The second flip up is also included in this shot -- with a quote from Bea as the journaling.

week 7
On the back of the insert, I included the three types of Valentine's Day cards that Bea gave out this year.  Each of these cards came with something to give away, something that isn't candy. There was an eraser with one, a very small pad of paper with another, and a pink bracelet with the Hello Kitty cards. I used a leftover pink bracelet as a decorative element (it's the pink line between the top and bottom of this layout.

Some fun stuff this week! Thanks for stopping by!

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