Thursday, April 10, 2014

44 by forty-four

A few weeks ago I ran across this post about de-cluttering. Woah, do I need this!  It's Spring. It got me thinking…

I'm almost forty-four. When am I going to be a grown up and get rid of the crap? ;-) The time is now.

So I've set a goal. Between now and my forty-fourth birthday in October, I will de-clutter by getting rid of at least 44 bags of "stuff".

I'm taking Elise's lead, and documenting it here…and I'm not going to lie…a mini book may be in order by the end of this ordeal.

This past weekend I gave it my first go. One of the bags in the photo above will be headed for Good Will, the other is in the trash. I'm not going to tell you which one is full of (mostly) SOCKS.  Yep, socks. Socks without matches (where do they go, exactly?), socks with holes, socks so stained that I would never wear them in public again (so why do I still have them??)!  I am not even going to mention that some of these socks just may have been left over from the sock addiction that I had in the 80s. And they were still in my possession.

Socks were sort of a random way to start, but I had been staring at them for years, and I was just done

I have some specific ideas of how to tackle this project over the next 190 days or so. I hope to share those ideas along with my progress throughout this adventure.

This is what I know now. I know that I am tired of the clutter. I know that my One True Love is also ready for it to go! I know that I will need to break this huge goal down into small parts in order to actually accomplish it. This week it was socks, next week another small, doable, step will be tackled.

Wanna join me?

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  1. Love this post! Always feels good to get rid of things. You are getting me in the mood. We will be doing a lot of cleaning and purging next week on spring break!!!