Thursday, April 17, 2014

:: project life : just start ::

Are you a "Project Lifer" or a collector of cards? Do you continue to purchase core kits and collect subscriptions, but have little or nothing documented?  I hope this post helps you!!!

I am so lucky to be a part of several Facebook groups, and other online communities that are full of inspiration and helpful hints about Project Life, Pocket Scrapbooking, Life Books, or whatever you want to call this wonderful adventure! I have developed quite a few virtual friendships through this amazing thing called the internet! I consider myself very fortunate to also have several IRL friends that choose to document their family's lives in this same fashion! You know who you are (Theresa, Bridget, Kirsten, to name a few)! All of us do this thing we call Project Life a little differently, and we are all at different places in our PL journey, but we do have one thing in common: We started.

:: just start ::
One of the things that has come up time and time again by "newbies" on various forums is that whole thing about getting started.  "I have all these cards, but I have yet to start" is a common theme! I scream into my computer ---- WHY??  :-)  I do that with a smile, of course.  I want you to do it. I want you to try it out. I want to help if I can. So this post is born.

2013 :: week 1
When I started (January 2013), I purchased one kit (Seafoam), one binder, and a variety pack of page protectors. I was just coming off "December Daily", in fact, DD is part of why I started. I LOVE documenting the everyday. I'm pretty certain that I have almost no completed LOs about birthdays, first haircuts, Christmas, etc. The everyday is what inspires me. I learned that about myself as I worked on my DD.  My favorite parts were those everyday moments that I captured. So, to me, that's what Project Life is all about, documenting our everyday lives so that I can remember everything. My journey to PL, and my reasons why go a bit deeper than that, and I plan to give that it's own post soon!

2013 :: week 3
I admit: I wasn't all that happy with my first few weeks of PL.  I loved the journey, (mostly) enjoyed the process, but I didn't really find the actual final product all that awesome. I mean, when I would look at everyone else's PL spreads, and compare them to mine (something I do not recommend), I didn't like mine. They were just OK. To be honest, looking back, it's mostly because I just hadn't found my style yet.  There are still weeks that I like better than others, always.

Do your scrapbooking LOs look the same now as they did when you first began?  I would be surprised if they did. Mine certainly do not! And neither do my PL spreads. And that's OK.

You know what else is OK? I didn't "finish" 2013. I've written about this before, I know, but I'm going to say it again. I documented more of our lives last year than I ever have. That's my focus. That's my goal. That's my reason. Something I could look at as a failure, (incompletion), is not. It is truly a success (and this really has nothing to do with a 1/2 full or empty glass, trust me, it's all about my reason). It's not like I just stopped or anything, I just missed some weeks.  A bunch even. But it's ok.

I was afraid to start PL, even though I knew I wanted to.  I was afraid to start because of time, mostly. I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to "keep up", and even more afraid that I would no longer do traditional layouts. This might not be a fear for you. Maybe you aren't a scrapbooker, or maybe you want PL to replace traditional LOs. That was not the case for me. I love trying new things and that feeling of getting my crafty on, which I find myself doing more of when I'm doing traditional layouts than when I am work on my weekly spreads for PL.  Guess what?  I also did more traditional LOs last year than I have ever done in a year. Not only did PL not make me stop doing traditional LOs, it actually inspired me to do more. Awesome.

Are you on the fence about Project Life? Are you tired of being a card collector?  ;-) I hope that this post, and the posts that I have coming up, help inspire you to just do it. My advice is to not look back.  Start with today, or this week. Move forward. If you want to "catch up" later, fine. If not, fine.  For now just start.

Thanks for stopping by!  Look for another post tomorrow with helpful hints about starting this project.


  1. Wonderful post! TY so much-- and don't you love your CTMHedium organizer for use in storing PL cards!! :) xox ~ Ali

  2. I have my cards stored the exact same way!! I might have more than one (or two!) filled!!! Love the organizers for my PL and PML cards!!!! Awesome post! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

  3. I just ordered that organizer for my cards. Thanks for the photo of what it looks like in actual use. Now I'm sure I did the right thing.

  4. What a great post. This is my 4th Project Life-ing & I always say you won't regret starting but you will regret not doing anything. Don't worry about "catching up" start from today. There are no rules in Project Life.

  5. What a great post. This is my 4th Project Life-ing & I always say you won't regret starting but you will regret not doing anything. Don't worry about "catching up" start from today. There are no rules in Project Life.

  6. I do pocket page albums mixed with other pages and sizes. I do events, not weekly. The pocket pages (PL, Simple Stories, WRMK) help me get albums done. I have done two albums for my grandchildren and plan to do more.

  7. What a wonderful post! Yes, we all have to just get started with projects like this. I love the photo with your album open to the back sides of 2 pages, and your toes in the bottom of the frame!

  8. Shared this with my DD and here is what she sent back to me in a PM: "That blog post is neat! it's almost like an icecream shop with all of the names of colors she has lol"-- She said it was OK to share what she thought. TYFS your wonderful posts! :) ~ Ali