Monday, July 28, 2014

..:: project life : week 12 ::..

Still plugging away! I do love this project.  This week was part of my Spring Break week.  There is an insert: there were lots of stories!

Week 12 spread with insert
This week:

  • My One True Love and I got to spend some alone time together being goofy eating out and drinking adult beverages during the day!
  • We also bought some goofy "presents" for B., including the Frozen movie (came out on BluRay this week).
  • We became obsessed with Breaking Bad.
  • It was warm enough to go on our first park visit!
Week 12 right
Week 12 spread with back of insert
Also this week:
  • We visited Urgent Care for a cut on B.'s finger (all was fine)!
  • The iPad that we took to Urgent Care didn't return home with us (stolen!)

Week 12 right

And finally this week:

  • It was March Madness week (I don't really dig basketball, but we went to a bar to watch it anyway).
  • Batman (girl) made an appearance. 
  • When we returned to school, there was a dusting of snow.
  • It was also Iowa Assessments for students (blah).
  • Early in the week light jackets and parks, later in the week heavy coats and snow!
Wow!  Full week!  Documented!  Love this project!

Also, I love Scrapbook Circle (but I bet you knew that)!  The great Melissa Mann lifted me -- awesome sauce -- check it out here!

Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. LOVE you PL pages, Dona! We are watching Breaking Bad and LOVE it. We just started season 4. Let's talk when we're done. And yes - thank goodness for zoloft to help with anxiety!!! Hope all is well.