Tuesday, January 6, 2015

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around here | I've caught the planner bug. I've always been and planner and list maker -- and now I get to be creative in the process.  In October I preordered a Color Crush Planner from Webster's Pages.  It arrived last week and I love it.  I will be sharing more throughout the year.

around here | I found the best weather app ever!

around here | The first snowstorm of 2015 has arrived.

around here | I purchased several toe separators from The Dollar Tree -- everything's a dollar.  In fact, they came 2 for a dollar!  Never did they (or will they) touch a toe, however! I've used them to store my bobbins.  It keeps them secure, and you can see just enough of the color when you look at it from the top that it's perfect!

around here |  organizing, organizing, organizing.

around here | Everyone is coming out with new releases for CHA. I keep buying all the things!

around here |  Making lots of things!  Gelli printing, mini book making, and oh, so much to share.

around here |  Grandma B. had a milestone birthday this week.

around here | New year, new goals, new OLW, new start to a 365, and did I mention organizing?

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  1. Happy New Year! Love what you did with the bobbins!! May need to copy that idea!! Looking forward to getting to know you more in 2015, Dona!!