Monday, February 1, 2016

:: hello february, hello one little word® ::

Doesn't Ali Edward's One Little Word® start in January?

Why, yes, yes, it does, why do you ask?

Well, the title of this blogpost....I'm confused.

Yep, it's already February and it took that long for my word to find me. If you've hung out at my blog at all you know that I have participated in One Little Word® for several years now.  I have never had a difficult time deciding on my word for the year.  Never.  In fact, most of the time it finds me before December. Yet, here I was, a few days before February was to begin, and I had not found a word. In fact, I was just about to settle on a word that I thought would "work", but I knew it just wasn't it.

Then, it popped in my head.

I'd seen the word a zillion times and many people have chosen this word as theirs for the year, but still it didn't click for me until this past weekend. Then BAM!

Hello February.  Hello Choose.  Hello One Little Word®.

More information on Ali's One Little Word® can be found here.

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