Monday, January 13, 2020

..:: curl up with a good book ::..

Hi! I am up on the {a flair for buttons} blog with this layout using flair from the Lovely Words 9 flair set. I am also using a cut file called Good Book from The Cut Shoppe and Paige Evan's Truly Grateful collection with Pink Paislee. Here is a look at my layout:

This photo was captured by My One True Love. Our family was staying out of town at a hotel and our daughter was reading Harry Potter before bed (right after her shower). Unlike her father and I, Bea isn't someone that just LOVES to read, but she is sure enjoying the Harry Potter series!  Here are a few close ups :

All three pieces of flair are from the same flair set (Lovely Words 9) and they match this collection and sentiment of the layout with perfection.

I backed the file and added flair and a few clusters of flowers and called this layout done! If you would like to see my process, I did make a video, if that suits your fancy!

Thanks so much for stopping by and I will see you again soon! XO o.g.

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