Monday, December 19, 2011

~ If you pin it, they will come.~

Tonight, while putting B. to sleep...

Me: Do you know that I love you?
B:  (big binkie smile, nods yes)
Me: Do you know that your daddy loves you?
B: (big binkie smile, nods yes)
Then, as if I forgot to mention it, B (through the binkie, while twirling my hair): AND Gwamma loves me!

It's probably important to the story that I also tell you, she was holding her {Pinkalicious} magic wand at the time (apparently, this is now required for sleeping).

Also, I learned that I've been scraplifted on the Scrapbook Circle Blog.  Pretty cool.

One more thing...Pinterest is a powerful thing.  Not only do you get sucked in for hours at a time and it really seems as if it's only been minutes (similar to the story line of many a sci fi novel), if something gets "pinned" that links back to your blog, you get people looking at your blog!  Woah.

Why am I not sleeping?  Oh, right, Pinterest!  Sleeping now!

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  1. That is an ADORABLE story!! And Pinterest... sigh... always SUCKS me in!!! LOL!! :):):):):):):):):):):)