Tuesday, July 3, 2012

~ pink sand ~

I did this one for the June Color Challenge at Club CK!  As soon as I saw the challenge, I knew what photos I would use. Colors: Green, Pink and White -- perfect for a green turtle sandbox with pink sand!

B's favorite color has been pink since she could talk!  So when my mom saw the pink sand, she had to get it.  Gotta love Grandmas!

I used mostly the April Scrapbook Circle Kit :: Daydreamer.  Full list of supplies at the end of the post and I'll point out my "new stuff" (per my non-manifesto) as I go!

 {New stuff number 1: stitching in a circle}
 {New stuff number 2 & 3: using a mask, using spray mist}
I had so much fun making the little piece of the layout below!!  First I used my cricut to cut the letter B out (Plantin Schoolbook cartridge).  I used pink paint and painted the cut out B, but the leftover square was the fun part!  I used paint and alphastamps (linked below) and stamped uppercase and lowercase B's all over the square.  Then, I decided to mist that piece as well (it was just a bit too....boring without it).  FUN and unplanned, which is more fun.
{New stuff number 4: using paint on a layout}

Interesting fact: for the journaling block I actually used the piece of cardboard that the Amy Tan fabric stickers came on.  I loved the orange grid so I went with it! Speaking of Amy Tangerine, did you see her new release?  Delicious!

You may notice that I used quite a few buttons from my stash.  Well, this is what happens when you are focused on working, and not paying attention to your two-year-old play....
Those circles in the middle are the tops of the containers that the buttons were in, sorted by color.  Don't you bet she had fun?

Hope everyone has a fun, safe, 4th of July celebration!

..::non-manifesto progress::..
stamped on washi :: zig zag stitch in the middle of straight stitch :: circle stitch :: paint on a layout :: spray mist :: masking ::

Supplies: (also various buttons from my stash)


  1. Wow, love the stitching and masking and your buttons are soo cool - very vibrant!

    1. Thanks, Heather! This paper was fun to work with -- loving the SC kits!

  2. Love everything about your page!! The way you used the buttons is so fun and the Amy Tan SketchBook, is so bright and perfect with the buttons!! And your masking turned out great!!! Awesome two-pager!!

    And you might want to check out the June Sketch It Out were the Winner!!! :) You can convo your info to me and I'll get a prize out to you!!

    1. Thanks, Ashley! That Amy Tan stuff is FUN!! I saw the Sketch It out post just moments ago and already convo'd you! YAY! Exciting! and Thanks!!

  3. So many fun details on this page! I really like how you used the mask and all of those brightly colored buttons!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I AM LOVING these kits!!! Keep 'em coming! ;-)

  4. Loveeeeeeeeee this!!! I love love the hambly bits and the buttons!!!!