Wednesday, December 5, 2012

~ fantastic snow ~

Nope.  It didn't snow this week. We haven't had much precipitation all of 2012.  In fact, there was really only one snow day this past school year (usually we have 8 or more)!  These photos are from January 12, 2012, before Mikaela's accident and death (funny how I measure almost everything that way now).  The girls had such fun that evening -- a great memory that had to be documented!  I actually started this layout in March, but never finished!  I finally went back and finished it up this week.

Most of the items are from an older Scrapbook Circle Kit :: Note to Self (still available, I think) with a bit o' (custom) flair from ormolu. I absolutely love the bright colors and patterns, complete with snowflakes, but the paper doesn't really look "winter" at all!
B. and I have both been pretty sick!  She is back at daycare, but I am quarantined the rest of the week (they suspect pertussis, I do not).  I for sure have walking pneumonia!  Bleh!  I'm really ready for the cough to be gone!!  I've been working on my December Daily while I'm home and I hope to share my first few days by the end of this week!

Peace out!


  1. This is PRECIOUS!! I loveeeeeeee those photos and the stitching!!!

  2. Lovely layout Dona!! The colors look so great with the fun colors from the photos! So glad you were able to get it finished and have the memories of both the girls playing together, scrapped!! You can definitely see that they were having a lot of fun!! Hate to hear that you are sick!! Hoping you feel better soon!! ...and BIG Congrats on your lift at Scrapbook Circle!! It was a great use of that sketch!!